Experience AION update 4.0

A new adventure is beginning

The fifth Balaur Lord Tiamat has been defeated. However, a new opponent is already gearing up to quench his thirst for power. Are you ready to stop him and save Atreia from certain ruin? Then equip yourself with new armour and weapons, master powerful skills and climb to level 65. Or select one of the two new classes – artist or engineer – to start a new adventure.

The update is automatically downloaded as soon as you launch the AION client after release. As usual all enhancements and patches are free for you. If you haven’t installed AION yet, download the game now and prepare your hero for 4.0!

Facts & figures about AION 4.0

  • character levels 61 to 65
  • 2 additional classes (Engineer and Artist)
  • 3 new areas
  • 6 exciting instances
  • chargeable skills
  • larger selection of playable zones on the instance server
  • 3 new fortresses
  • 6 garrisons
  • armour and weapons up to level 65
  • exciting quests in new regions
  • adjustments to the user interface

AION’s new features