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A New World

The Great Invasion and Beritra's thirst for power has consequences for all of Atreia. The destruction of the seal hiding the lost continent generated a tremor that broke apart the surrounding land masses. Sarpan, Tiamaranta and Katalam all sank into the depths of the sea and a new continent arose.

Surviving Daevas dared to venture into this new land and set up outposts in order to further explore it.

Signia and Vengar

  • Sarpan, Tiamaranta, North and South Katalam sank into the ocean and can no longer be explored.
  • Signia and Vengar are the new regions for levels 55 through 65 and the venue for world PvP.
  • Vengar is the territory for the Asmodians; Signia belongs to the Elyos. The enemy region can be entered through rifts.

Territorial Battle

  • Three territories in both Vengar and Signia can be captured by legions.
  • Brigade generals of a legion with a minimum level of 6 can place requests for participation in Territorial Battles.
  • The winning legions receive advantages for one week, including strengthening magic, a legion NPC, rewards and simpler access to rifts in the enemy territory.


New: Makarna

  • Entrances in Signia and Vengar
  • Entry level 65
  • Instance for 12 players

Reworked Instances

  • The Sauro War Depot, the Rune Shield Tower, the Steel Wall Bastion as well as the Runadium have been relocated to Akaron and Kaldor.
  • The Rentus Base, Refuge of the Rune Tribe, Aturam Sky Fortress, Jormungand Bridge, Tiamat's Shelter, Tiamat's Fortress and Raksang can now be entered via Signia and Vengar.
  • The Argent Manor, Muada's Trencher, Idgel Research Laboratory, Void Room, the Satra Treasure Hoard, Steel Rose, Hall of Knowledge as well as the Elementis Forest are no longer available.
  • The Rentus Base, Refuge of the Rune Tribe and Tiamat's Shelter are now available in a more difficult version.


  • Now only 6 stigmas can be socketed instead of 12.
  • The seventh stigma skill (the Vision Stigma) will be unlocked when all the surrounding stigmas have been set.
  • You no longer require Stigma Shards to socket stigmas.
  • Some stigmas can now be upgraded.
Character Selection

Character Selection

  • The character selection screen has been adjusted and made more visually appealing.


  • The skill window has been reworked.
  • An additional information window caters for more of an overview.


Minimum requirements: Recommended specifications:
OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows Vista, Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.8Ghz / AMD Sempron 2800 or higher Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual-Core 2.5GHz or higher
RAM: Min. 1GB Min. 2GB
Hard Disk space: Min. 30GB (Installation requires 60GB) Min. 30GB (Installation requires 60GB)
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 / AMD Radeon X1550 or higher NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT / AMD Radeon 4550 or higher
DirectX: 9.0c (2008.6) 9.0c (2008.6)