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The Legacy of the Painter

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Experience Update 7.0

Colour happy!

New Artist Specialisation

Colour’s on the menu now, with the launch of the hotly anticipated Painter class specialisation for the Artist! Equipped with two powerful Paint Rings, as a Painter you shoot colours and give your enemies the most colourful shock of their lives.

Hotly Contested!

Altar Siege Battle

You are Dumaha’s last hope: protect the one wondrous region from its total desolation! Join up with the Stella Corporation and lead your faction to victory in the Altar siege battles.

Thrilling action!

The Stella Development Laboratory

A brand new PvE instance complete with exciting missions awaits true heroes. Defeat the outlaws who are causing chaos in the Stella Development Laboratory. But be careful: the outlaws have lost their minds and fear nothing!

The History of the Painter

Irunin, the first Painter in Atreia, created the Aether Colours a long time ago with Siel’s help. Only the most gifted of students got to learn his arts. Once Siel sacrificed himself in the Cataclysm, Irunin disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the Painters were left behind, without no direction to follow.

Finally, on the Day of the Storm, chaos broke out anew in Atreia and countless Painters gave their lives saving innocents. It is to the merit of these heroes that the specialisation of Painter is now officially recognised.


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