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Veteran system

How does the Veteran system work?

Prior to the switch in publisher, NCsoft had credited all AION subscribers with a Veteran level for every paid month's subscription. The current Gameforge system is similar: for each redeemed Gold Pack your account gains one Veteran level. According to your level, you will receive useful items that you can then transfer to your characters.
You can see the rewards for each individual Veteran level here.

How do I increase my Veteran level?

Every redeemed Gold Pack increases your Veteran level by one. The maximum level is currently 80. Your current Veteran level as well as the associated bonuses can be seen in the "Manage bonuses" section of the shop.

You can go to bonus management by clicking here.

Where can I transfer my Veteran rewards?

Click on "Manage bonuses" in the AION shop. There you will be able to see your Veteran status and also transfer your received rewards to your characters. Please note that a Veteran reward can only be transferred to a specific character once.

The following also applies:

  • A Veteran award can only be transferred to a maximum of 8 different characters within a period of six months.
  • Once this time expires (fixed dates), the limitation will be reset and you will be able to hand out the item a further 8 times over the following 6 months.
    However, this is only possible for characters who still haven't previously received the item.
  • The time frames are: 1st January till 30th June and 1st July till 31st December.