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Can I have a destroyed, sold or extracted item restored?

If you wish to have one or more items that were deleted, extracted, destroyed or sold to an NPC restored, please get in touch with Support.

We will attempt to help you as far as is possible, however the restoration of items is subject to technical limitations.
For example, if an item was destroyed a long time ago, then it is normally not possible to restore it.

Restoration is not possible in the following cases:

  • The item was sold in the auction house.
  • The item has been sold to another player or has been exchanged.
  • The item was deleted, destroyed or sold to an NPC more than 7 days ago.

We will need the following information for the restoration process:

  • Full name of the item
  • Name, server and level of the character that the item belonged to
  • Date and time of deletion, extraction or sale

Please note that we cannot guarantee successful restoration and the service is limited in scope. We also reserve the right to refuse this service if there is evidence of misuse.

You can reach Support at .