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Beginner's Guide

1. Getting Started


To log in, enter your account name and your password into the spaces provided and click 'OK'. You will then come to the user agreement. Accept it to continue. Now you can choose the server you'd like to play on and create a character.

More Login Menu Options:

  • Options: You can change your graphics and sound settings here.
  • Credits: You can see who worked to make AION Free-to-Play here. To return to the menu at any time, just press the ESC key.
  • Quit: This option closes the client and returns you to the desktop.

Select Server

The following is displayed on the selection screen:

Recommended server is 'servername'. Do you want to log in to the 'servername' server?

Characters: Shows the characters you have on the server. You can create a maximum of 8 characters per account.

Capacity: Shows how many players are on the server. Status: 

  • Normal
  • Full
  • Recommended
  • Unavailable

Mark the server you would like to play on and click 'Enter Server' to continue.

Select Faction

This is an important decision that will need a lot of thought. As soon as you have chosen a faction on a server, you will only be able to create characters of that faction on that server.

If you want to defect to another faction, you will have to move to another server. Alternately, you can delete all existing characters on the server to be able to create new heroes of another faction there.

'We are the Elyos, the rightful rulers of Elysea, the lower half of the broken world of Atreia. We too live in light and warmth, just as our ancestors did. Our culture is rich beyond compare. We are blessed with elegance and beauty. Our skin shines with warmth and brilliance.

The Asmodians live in darkness in the upper half of our world. Ever since the Great Catastrophe they have turned fell and wild, with sharp claws, and manes on their backs. Their bodies are muscular, and their eyes glow when they are riled.'


'We are the Asmodians, rulers of the upper half of the world of Atreia. Our territory is dismal and bleak, but we have become accustomed to it - darkness is our ally now. We grew stronger and became masters of battle. We will never give in!

The sun-tainted Elyos are contaminating the lower half of Atreia. They are arrogant and believe themselves to be the forefathers of the ancient Atreians, just because they never had to fight for anything. But our ancestors were ashamed when they saw them, because the Elyos are weak, deceitful and vainglorious. They thirst for power, but without any right to it.'

When you're ready to continue, click 'Select Faction'.

Select Class

  • Warrior: Warriors specialise in melee combat thanks to their highly developed physical prowess. They have a large range of effective fighting skills which other classes don't have access to. This makes them an easy class to play.
  • Scout: Scouts are the most multi-talented of the basic classes. They are agile and they can attack quickly. However, how flexible their attacks are depends on the player.
  • Mage: Mages are able to deal out large amounts of damage from long range with the help of spells. However, their melee combat is comparatively weak. This means it's important to assess their enemies and perform attacks in good time.
  • Priest: Priests specialise in light magic. They use ranged spells to protect their companions and hold back their enemies. They are good at ranged attacks as well as protective and healing spells.
  • Artist: Artists use their MP specifically for attacks, curses or light magic. They don't have much help, but their power is not to be underestimated when in groups.
  • Engineers specialise in using the magical machines that remain a mystery to most other inhabitants of Atreia. Skilled hands and a keen intellect allow them to figure out any kind of technology.

Choose each class to look at a short description of the class' skills and stats. Once you've chosen a class and a gender, click on 'Select Class'.

Create Character

You're going to spend a lot of time with your character so make sure its exactly as you want it to be. There are no limits to what you can create. You have countless possibilities when creating your hero.

You will be shown a random character upon entering Character Creation.

Character Creation window:

  • Class: The class you have chosen is displayed above your character's name. If you change your mind, use the Back button to go back and change things.
    Check Character Name/Name: Choose a name for your character and use the Check function to see if the name is available.
  • Voice: There are 4 different voices to choose from. Press the corresponding button to listen to a voice.
  • Customise Face: There are plenty of ready made faces to choose from. You can also use this to change the face shape, hair, eyes and apply accessories such as face decorations, beards and tattoos. You can make smaller adjustments to the face in the 'Face Details' tab.
  • Body Shape: There are different body shapes to choose from. Click on the corresponding icon to show your hero's body options in the right-hand window.

Preview Character

  • Use the arrows to turn your character to the left and right. You can make more changes from different angles.
  • Use the + and - keys to zoom in or out.

The 'preview' option can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. This gives you a lot of appearance options, allowing you to see what your character looks like with different clothes or wings. You can also check out skill animations an facial expressions.

Once you're happy, click 'Create Character'. You'll return to the Character Selection screen with your new hero. Select them an click 'Start'.

2. Base Interface

To communicate and interact in the game, you need a basic understanding of the user interface. You will be using it a lot, so it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with it.

User Interface

Chat Window (Enter): The default setting displays all channels: normal, combat, and group chat. Hover over chat with your mouse to move the interface into focus, allowing you to use chat options and to view the different chat tabs.

Display Status: Displays the profile image, health points (HP), mana points (MP and divine power (DP) of your character.

Experience Points (XP): The XP list can be found under Display Status. It displays the experience you have collected. Once it's full you will level up.

Quick List: displays your characters skills. You can drag skills, emotes and consumables onto your quick list. Move your mouse over the icon to see further info.

Menu (F10): Opens different character and system menus and the game's help/support function.

Map: Displays paths, quest/mission markers, NPCs and nearby monsters.

W Moves your character forwards
S Moves your character backwards
Q Moves your character to the left
E Moves your character to the right
A Turns your character to the left
D Turns your character to the right
. Toggle between walk/run
NumLock Auto walk/run
Space Press once: jump
Press twice: glide (only possible as a Daeva)
Mouse: Right-click - Press and hold, and move the mouse, to turn the camera OR to change the direction while running (only when NumLock is active)- Click objects for multiple interactions (Consumables, NPCs, Monsters, Skill Books)
Mouse: Left-click Move character (Point-and-Click)
Mouse: Double-click Interact with objects; same functions as right-click
Mouse wheel: scroll zoom in (scroll forwards); zoom out (scroll backwards)
Mouse wheel: click Turns the camera, to look behind the character (click again to turn the camera again)
Enter Opens the chat window (click once more to close)
M Opens the World Map
N Opens the transparent map
O Open the System Menu:

- Quit

- Log out

- Character Selection

- Options

- Cancel


Channels are important in AION. So it's good to know how they work. Here are a few examples of situations where swapping channels can be useful:

1) You enter the game and discover it's too full.

2) You're looking for a friend that you can't see. You can whisper with them, enter their group and find them on the World Map - but you can't see them.

This is how to find out what channel your friend is on:

Talk to your friend using /whisper and ask them what channel they are on.

1. Invite your friend into a group using /invite.

2. Once their info appears in the group list, hover over their class icon with your mouse and you will see what channel they are in.

3. Once you're in the same group, open the World Map (M) and move your mouse over the place where your friend is (the blue diamond) - this will display their channel number.

Change Channel

1) Click on the blue upwards arrow (F10) next to the right side of your quick list.

2) Choose 'Change Channel'.

3) The Change Channel window appears at the top right of the screen.

4) Choose the channel you'd like from the drop down menu and press confirm.

3. Quests

Adventure is the focus of AION. You will hear the legends of those who showed their courage in battles and came to the aid of those weaker than them.

In the following you will be told some basics that will help prepare you for your journey.

Quest Basics

Right at the start you will see a Quest NPC with a blue arrow above their head.

Right-click them to open the dialogue window. Available quests will be displayed to you here.

Click on a quest to receive more info about it. You can take the quest as soon as the rewards are displayed to you. The quest will then be visible in your Quest Journal (J). You can have up to 50 active quests at a time.

Campaign/Quest Icons:

Gold = Campaign | Blue = Quest 

 The NPC has a campaign/quest for you to take.

 Part of a campaign/quest can be completed with this NPC.

 The campaign/quest is finished and can be handed in to the NPC.

Aiming & Combat


Pressing the tab key automatically aims at the closest target. A glowing red circle appears under the target. You can also choose your target manually using left-click.


As soon as you're aiming at your target, begin combat by pressing right-click (auto attack) or by using a skill from the quick list.

  • The status bar of your enemy is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Your status bar is displayed to the bottom left, next to the picture of your character.
  • Your quick list is in the middle of the bottom of the screen. Active skills are greyed out when they cannot be used.
  • Your chat window displays the damage you deal and suffer.


Once you've defeated an enemy, they fall to the ground and glow blue.

Right click them to open the loot window. You can also press shift + right-click to auto-loot all items.

The basic settings for the loot item command can be found in your quick list. If you've removed it from the quick list, you can add it back at any time.


There is plenty to collect in the game - such as fruit baskets, grain sacks, and plants, fruits and minerals.

When you find an object you can pick up, right click it to begin gathering. Do not activate a skill or move while gathering, otherwise you will stop gathering.

The more you gather, the quicker your gathering skill will level up, meaning that over time you can gather more and more valuable items. You can see the current status of the skill in the Profession Window (Shift+K).


Use pathfinding to find NPCs or places. Open it via the Quest Journal (J) or the corresponding commands: /pathfinding

Use the Quest Journal:

  • Open your Quest Journal (J) and click on the quest marked in yellow to see its description.
  • Click on words marked in blue to open the Dictionary. The 'search' button can be found under the corresponding entry.
  • Clicking on 'search' will open the World Map. The NPC or place you've searched for is marked with a purple X. Press N to bring up the transparent map, making it easier for you to find your way.

 4. Interactions

You can interact with anything and everything by right-clicking - NPCs, merchants, monsters, other players, items and crafting stations.
This section is about interacting with NPCs and learning new skills.


Merchants offer goods and services. You can even sell items from your inventory with some of them. The type of merchant the NPC is, or the service they provide, is displayed under their name. Some of them are:

<Mixed Goods Merchant>
<Armour Merchant>
<Weapons Merchant>
<Soul Healer>

Buying from merchants

1) Right-click the NPC to start a conversation. There is at least one option such as 'buy items' in the dialogue window.

2) Choose 'but items' and continue.

3) All of the items the merchant has for sale are then shown to you in a window.

4) Right-click an item to add it to your purchases.

The amount of Kinah you have and the total cost of your purchases is displayed at the bottom.

5) Click on 'Buy' to complete your purchase.

6) The items can now be found in your inventory. You can either use it, put it away or drag it to the quick list.