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FAQ - PvP Event December 2016

How does the counter work for killing players?

As soon as you defeat an enemy player, you will receive the following notification in the chat window: 'You have defeated [enemy name]'.
This serves as an indicator for a PvP kill and will be added to your personal counter.
If you do not see a kill notification, you will not receive a point.

How will the PvP kill be counted in a group/alliance/league?

Kills are counted individually. The indicator is the system message that a player receives when they defeat an enemy player- When you see the following system message, a point will be added to your counter: 'You have defeated [enemy name]'.

Healers are at a disadvantage in this event. Can they score points through healing?

This event's focus is the defeat of players from the opposing faction. Every player that has decided to take on a role of healer will therefore have to coordinate with their groups in order to secure the final blow on an enemy. Just like the healer supports his group, the group will have to support the healer.

Do the kills that come after the maximum Abyss points still count?


Let's say I have defeated an enemy player and am then attacked by another whilst my health is reduced. If they kill me, will they receive a point?

Yes. The enemy player that kills you will receive a point. Simply put, if you receive a notification that you have been killed by an enemy player, then that player has received a point.

If I am attacked by a monster and a player at the same time and I die, will the enemy player receive a point?

It depends on who defeats you. If you receive a notification saying that an enemy player has defeated you, then they will receive a point.

Can the weapon appearance be transferred to another weapon more than once?

No, the appearance can only be transferred once.

Is it possible to fuse the weapons?

Weapon fusion is possible, but the weapons cannot be enchanted.

Will it be ranked?

Yes. The rankings are available here.
Please note that the rankings are only updated every 30 minutes. Additionally, only the top 100 for each class, faction and server will be displayed.

Can the winner pick out two weapons if they are able to dual wield (equip two weapons at the same time)?

No. The winner will only receive one weapon.

What happens if there are lots of players with the same kill count?

The main prize will go to the person who reaches the kill count first. There can only be one victor per class, faction and server.

I won the exclusive title during the last PvP-Event. Will I keep it?
No, the titles will be removed after we determined the new winners. To keep the title, you will again have to finish the event as the best of your class, faction and server.