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Attack on the Sky Islands!

Your guide to a successful conquest of the Sky Islands

Do you want to emerge victorious from the battle for the Sky Islands? Then this guide is just what you need! There’s four steps to a glorious assault:

Step 1: The Hunt
Eliminate the monsters! If you are successful, there is a chance you will come across spies.

Step 2: The Spies
Defeat the spies to open up a teleporter to the Sky Islands.

Step 3: The Sky Islands
Fight! As an attacker, you receive rewards when you defeat NPCs. As a defender, you will have to stop the attackers from doing so.

Step 4: The Airship Battle
Gear up for the dramatic airship battle!

The four steps explained:

Step 1: The Hunt

Head out on the hunt for dynamic monsters and defeat them in Esterra (Elyos) and Nosra (Asmodian). The monsters are appearing in various forms: some look like they were frozen and others are coated in mud. Some monsters first show themselves once when other ones are defeated.

Step 2: The Spies

There’s a small chance that a spy from the enemy faction will come out of a portal to gather reconnaissance on the situation. This spy can drop various items and even PvP equipment when defeated. So keep your eyes peeled.

Step 3: The Sky Islands

The Teleport to the Sky Islands
After you have defeated a certain amount of spies, two teleports will appear: one for attackers (Sky Island Teleportation Stone) and defenders (Portal Rift). The portal will appear near to you and you will have to first locate it, as it will not be displayed on your map.

The Battle for the Sky Islands

  • Attackers have to defeat the enemy NPCs, defenders have to stop them from doing so.
  • Attackers receive drops from the NPCs that they defeat, whilst the defenders have to prevent this from happening.

  • If you defeat the first NPC on the Sky Island, a host of enemy faction defender NPCs will appear and attack you.
  • An NPC General will appear after 5 minutes and 45 seconds. You will then have 20 minutes to defeat them. If you do not manage to do this, the event will end and you will lose. If you do succeed, you will have a chance to earn various rewards or drops (e.g. PvP equipment from the various NPCs as well as from the NPC General.)

  • Finally, a rift will appear in the enemy region, which then permits up to 24 players to pass through.

Step 4: The Airship Battle

  • If a total of 72 monster generals are defeated on the Sky Islands, then an airflow will appear that leads to an Airship battle in a base in Esterra (Elyos) or Nosra (Asmodian).

  • If an airship battle starts, a symbol will be displayed either for Esterra (Elyos) or Nosra (Asmodian) to point to the infiltration operation. The symbol will be displayed to all players in the vicinity, on the world map.

  • If the enemy faction starts an airship battle against you, then instead of an airflow, a portal will open for you so that you can defend your faction.

  • If the opposing faction's assault fleet appears on the Sky Island, players can teleport directly to the airship through NPCs.

  • Attackers need to defend their Commanders and defeat enough enemy NPCs to lure out the enemy Commanders. As a defender, you must try to defend your Commanders and at the same time, defeat those of your enemy.

  • Attackers can loot items from the defeated NPCs, which the defenders are trying to prevent from happening.

  • If the Commander has less than 20% HP, they transform into a Guardian General.
  • If the Commander is not defeated within an hour, the airship battle is ended and the attackers lose. Attackers also lose if their own Commander is defeated.

  • If the Commander is defeated, a rift will appear in the enemy region, which then permits up to 144 players to pass through.