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Forced transfer & free character transfer

Important update, full details on the forced transfer & free character transfer

In this overview, we answer the most important questions concerning the forced transfer and free character transfer..

Forced Transfer

What is the forced transfer?

The forced transfer is purely for resolving the faction conflicts. It ensures that the account remains playable even once the transfer phase has passed without first requiring a transfer to be registered and executed. This is because in this instance, during the weekly performance of transfers a waiting period of up to a week can arise during which the affected player would no longer be able to player with their account due to the faction conflict.

What about if I'm not happy with the choice of characters and destination you've chosen for the forced transfer?

We decide on the target server for the forced transfer on the affected player's behalf according to fixed rules so once the forced transfer has been carried out, an option will be given to the affected players to change the transfers to move the forcibly transferred characters to a server of their choice.

How does the forced transfer differ from the normal character transfer described above?

With the forced transfer, we automatically decide according to fixed rules which of your characters affected by the conflict will be transferred to which server in order to resolve the faction conflict. To avoid this, you can use the character transfer to resolve the conflict yourself up to the day of the forced transfer.

So how do I find out that I have to be forcibly transferred?

First you'll be notified where a character transfer is necessary on your account. You'll receive this information via email and an in-game message after the server merge. You'll then be able to register your character transfers on the website under account management at any time. If you're faction conflicts have still not been resolved by a character transfer up until shortly before the planned forced transfer, you will receive an additional notification that you still have a few days left until your characters are forcibly transferred.

If your characters have been forcibly transferred, you'll be sent an additional message in-game as well as an email informing you that your characters have been forcibly transferred.

The forced transfer will also be displayed on the website in the transfer history overview. This allows you to see which of your characters have been forcibly transferred and where to.

What will happen to my legion if I'm forcibly transferred?

If you have a character at the time of the forced transfer with a faction conflict and are a member of a legion, you will automatically be removed from the legion. If your character is a legion leader, the rank of Brigade General will automatically be transferred to another active legion member and your character will subsequently be removed from the legion and transferred. The guild rights and legion warehouse will belong to the new Brigade General who will remain on the original server. This happens because no legions can be transferred to the new server.

If a legion is forcibly transferred bit by bit, the Brigade General rights will keep being passed on until only one character is left in the legion. This character will be the legion leader and hold the legion warehouse. If they are also forcibly transferred, all items from the legion warehouse will be issued to this last character, the legion dissolved and the character will subsequently be transferred.

I am Brigade General of my legion. What happens to the legion warehouse if I am forcibly transferred?

If the legion consists of various active members who are all transferred due to conflicts, the contents of the warehouse will be transferred together with the original Brigade General.
However, if active members with no conflicts remain on the server, the Brigade General rights will pass to the next highest ranking active legion member. This character will also gain access to the legion warehouse.
Exception: If none of the members have been active for longer than 60 days, the contents of the warehouse will be transferred together with the last Brigade General to receive these rights. The inactive member in this case only receives the rights in the legion.

Free character transfer

Following the forced transfer, we give you the opportunity to move characters that have been forcibly transferred due to a conflict, for free, via the options in the account management. This way you can move your characters to the server of your choice.

Can players transfer all their characters freely?

All characters affected by a conflict will receive a transfer. If, for example, two out of eight characters were affected by a conflict, these two characters will receive a transfer. However, you may choose freely where you would like to move the characters. There is no option to transfer the other characters which were unaffected by any conflicts, and these will remain on their respective servers.

What restrictions apply if I want to transfer my characters somewhere else after a forced transfer?

The same restrictions apply as with the normal character transfer.

Inventory and Private Warehouse
All items in your inventory and private warehouse will be kept and transferred with your character.

Account Warehouse

As with the normal character transfer, there are a number of scenarios. For example:

Let’s say that on one of your servers, there was a faction conflict between two Elyos and an Asmodian character. The conflict was resolved with a forced transfer and now you have the option of transferring all three of these characters. You decide to move the Asmodian to a new target server, along with the character’s Asmodian account warehouse. This leaves two options for the two Elyos characters:

Case 1: You keep your two Elyos characters on the same server or transfer both to the same target server. The account warehouse that was consolidated by the merge will also be transferred and both Elyos characters will have access to the joint warehouse on the new target server.

Case 2: You decide to transfer your Elyos characters to two different servers. 
Because two different target servers have been chosen, there can be no joint account warehouse, thus only one character can take the warehouse to the new server.

You cannot choose which of the two Elyos will take the account warehouse with them, so to be on the safe side you should store important objects in your private warehouse.

Will there be any restriction of which servers you can transfer your character to?

No, there are no such restrictions during the transfer. You can move your heroes to any server on which you do not yet have any characters belonging to the respective opposing faction.

How long will it take until my characters have been transferred to the new server?

All characters that have been registered for transfer before the start of the next maintenance will be placed on the list of pending transfers and where possible, transferred during the next maintenance.

I have been inactive for a long time and want to play AION again. I can see that there has been a merge but my conflicts have not been resolved. What now?

If you were inactive, log into our website or the game. Your characters will be registered for the next forced transfer maintenance. Alternatively, you can resolve your conflicts yourself via the account management. We will take your transfer preferences into account and transfer you to your desired target server during the next maintenance. However, the same rules apply as for a normal character transfer, and you will not receive a free transfer afterwards.