Free-to-play model

Free-to-Play Model

What does Free-to-Play mean?

Free-to-Play means that you can play AION completely for free. There are no monthly fees nor costs for registration and the game client. The whole world of Atreia and all its regions are open to you; all playable classes, specialisations and instances are freely available. Prove your courage across over 9,000 quests and rise to the maximum level of 75 – all for free!

What is a 'Starter'?

As a Starter you will have access to all regions. You will be able to select your hero from the entire range of six classes, level them up to level 75 as well as experience all quests/instances – and all absolutely free! Some game options will be limited however: amongst other things, you will only be able to create two characters, you won't be able to use certain chat channels until level 10 and your post and trading privileges are limited. By purchasing a Gold Pack you can however unlock all features for 30 days.

What is a 'Gold User'?

By activating a Gold Pack you will become a Gold User for 30 days. During this time you can enjoy advantages as well as more rewards in fortress battles or the opportunity to visit instances more frequently. All game options are unlocked - for example, you will be able to use the complete chat as well as all trading functions.
Once the pack expires you will revert to the status you had before the Gold Pack was activated.
Also: with every Gold Pack (30 days) you activate, you rise up one level in the veteran system and then receive the relevant rewards. More information on this topic is available [here].