General questions

AION Free-to-Play on Steam

This article answers the most frequently asked questions regarding AION on Steam.

Is it possible to have multiple AION accounts on the same Steam account?
Yes, it is possible. Steam only starts the game launcher and the client. Once you have started the client and the login screen is displayed, you can then enter your account details.

Is it possible to reverse the coupling of my AION account with my Steam account?
Yes. There will be an option in the account management section of the website which will enable you to remove the association with Steam from your account.

Is it necessary to play on Steam? Will I have to switch over to Steam?
No. Switching to Steam is entirely optional. You can continue playing AION without using Steam.

Will there be a 64-bit client for Steam customers?
In previous weeks we activated the 64-bit client for all AION players who use a 64-bit system. This applies to Steam customers too.

Do I need to restart the client if I wish to log in to another AION account?
No, you will not need to restart the client to switch accounts. Go to the login screen and simply re-login with your second account.

Does Steam install the entire client?
Steam installs the base client. After this, the NCLauncher will start which then downloads and updates small patches and language files – provided an update is available. So it is also possible to install other languages and to switch to these within the NCLauncher.

Is it possible to copy my AION client across into the Steam Library? I don’t want to have to download everything again.
Yes, it is possible. We explain how to do this in this guide.

Can I log into AION using my Steam account?
No, you will need an AION account to log into the game. You can do this using the registration page on the AION website.

Will accounts be transferred to Steam in future?
No, everything will stay just as it is. Steam is just one further platform where the game is now offered. You can continue using your normal account details to log in to the game.

Will there be a new server for Steam?
No, there are currently no plans to open a new server for Steam.