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Information about lags and ping spikes

In our 4.71 live stream our Technical Manager explained details about the internet connection and how this is related to lags and ping spikes in the game.
Generally one has to separate two things:

  • lags which are caused by the network connection starting from your DSL router
  • "lags" which have their source within your home, be it by sharing your internet connection or having too high graphic settings in the game or entering a scene in the game where there is a lot more "action", i.e. many opponent players like in Pangaea raid.

Here is a graph that shows how WLAN performs a lot worse than LAN and how the shared use of the internet connection has a huge impact on ping:

As a lot of users complain about bad performance of Gameforge routers on the way to the destination (i.e., here's an explanation as to why this is often not the cause for bad ping or lag spikes in the game.

  • Red: the ping spike starts much earlier and goes through to the destination, so the cause is not the game server.
  • Green / Orange: the actual game server has better average ping and better StDev than the router directly before the game server because the router is optimised for forwarding packages in hardware and ping is answered by the routers software/CPU.

The internet routing is highly dynamic and changes constantly. If you have issues with your connection to our servers, please follow the instructions on the board to report the issues to us so we can analyse it and see how we can optimise the routing for your connection: How to report connection problems (English)

Finally some links to information that explain how the internet works for those who are interested in learning the details: