General questions

What's changed about the AION Free-to-Play installation?

We have optimised the installation of the AION client so that you can get into the game even quicker. The download starts in individual data packs immediately. First all content that is needed up to level 18 is downloaded and installed - this means you can start your adventure after a very short time! While you are already playing, the download continues running in the background.

How do I install AION Free-to-Play?

All necessary components are downloaded via the AION launcher. As soon as sufficient data has been installed, you can launch the AION client. The entire game's download is divided into several phases, which are displayed in the launcher. As soon as the first data pack is downloaded, the client can be launched.

Are the hardware requirements changing?

No, the hardware requirements aren't changing.

How much data do I have to download to start playing the game?

To start the game the first time and to be able to play in the starter areas, approximately 6 GB must be downloaded. If you have an installation DVD, the first data pack (approx. 5 GB) will be directly copied onto your hard drive without having to download it - after that you can launch the game immediately! In the meant time, the rest of the data for game content over level 18 will be downloaded in the background via the launcher.

Are there any restrictions through the new installation?

As soon as the first data pack has been downloaded and you can launch the game, all content that you need up to level 18 is available. However, it may be that some items, weapons, armour, monsters or NPCs of higher levels don't have their final appearance - this also counts for the character selection at the beginning. The display should be correct as soon as all the necessary files have been downloaded and the client has been restarted.
As the first data pack only contains the files for the starter areas, the teleporter and teleportation items only work once the data required for it is on your hard drive.

Can I keep using my previous characters without restriction?

During the first download phase you can only log in with characters of level 18 or below. Characters of higher levels will only be available for playing when further data packs of the clients have been downloaded and installed. Characters that are above level 18 during the installation, also can't be used before the installation has been completed.