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Terms and conditions - The Pumpkin King's Blessing

The following conditions govern the course of the Halloween Contest (hereafter 'contest') as organised by Gameforge 4D GmbH, Albert-Nestler-Straße 8, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany (hereafter 'Gameforge').

1. Participation Period

The contest starts on 27/10/2016 at 00:01 CET. The deadline for entries is 9/11/2016 at 11:59 PM CET (hereafter 'participation period').

2. No Entry Fees

Participation in the contest is free and is not bound to the purchase of any goods or the subscription to a fee-based service.

3. Eligibility and Participants

  • (1) All users of full age with a personal, active account (hereafter 'account') for are eligible to enter.
  • (2) A 'participant' is any eligible user (hereafter 'user') who participates in one of the contest categories listed below within the participation period.

4. Contest Categories

  • (1) The objective of participation in the 'Pumpkin carving' contest category is to carve a pumpkin with an identifiable reference to AION.
  • (2) The objective of participation in the 'Mask making' contest category is to produce a mask with an identifiable reference to AION.
  • (3) The prerequisite for participation is to create and submit photos or videos, depicting both the result and the production process (hereafter 'entry'), by email to, subject to the following conditions:
  • a) The entry must be made from the email address linked to the account and contain the associated game server and character name. The subject line of the entry email should contain either 'Pumpkin' (for contest category 'Pumpkin carving') or 'Mask' (for contest category 'Mask making').
  • b) An entry in the contest category 'Pumpkin carving' must show the pumpkin with and without a lighted candle.
  • c) An entry made to both contest categories must otherwise show the respective design against a black or white background.
  • d) Each user is permitted only one entry and may participate in only one of the two contest categories.
  • e) Photos in .jpg, .png or .gif format with a maximum file size of five MB or videos in .* format with a maximum file size of 200 MB are permitted.
  • f) Alternatively, an entry may be made by sending a link to photos and videos stored on an external platform that meet the above requirements. In this case, the participant must comply with the terms and conditions of the respective external platform.
  • g) Persons and proprietary motifs may not be identifiably depicted in the photos or videos. Furthermore, if a video is submitted, it may not contain any voice recordings and/or music.
  • h) Moreover, the entry must be free of any other rights of third parties and must comply with applicable law. The participant indemnifies Gameforge against any claims of third parties arising out of or in connection with the entry, and furthermore confirms they are eligible to concede the permission for usage as per section 6 of these terms and conditions.

5. Winners and Prizes

  • (1) Gameforge will select two entries from amongst all eligible entries by 15/11/2016, on the basis of their creativity and originality. The 'winners' are those participants who created these selected entries.
  • (2) Gameforge will announce the winners by 29/11/2016 on the internet sites and on the social networks maintained by Gameforge (together the 'Gameforge sites') using their nickname, and inform them of their win via an email sent to the email address used for the entry (hereafter 'notification').
  • (3) The winners will receive prizes in accordance with the category as part of the announcement. Dispatch of the prizes to the winners will commence from the second of December, 2016, carried out by a delivery service provider (hereafter 'service provider') commissioned by Gameforge and requires a valid postal address (hereafter 'address') within the European Union.
  • (4) The prizes are deemed to have been awarded to the winners by Gameforge with the handover of the prizes to the service provider.
  • (5) Should the prizes comprise of in-game prizes, these shall be transferred to the respective winner as part of the notification via email in the form of a game code.
  • (6) A cash payment and/or payment of the game codes in tangible assets as well as an exchange and/or transfer of the prizes to third parties are all excluded.

6. Rights of Use

  • (1) For the purposes of presenting the entry on the Gameforge sites (hereafter 'usage'), the participant grants Gameforge the non-exclusive rights of usage to the entry, free of charge and without limitation of time and place. This includes the rights of exploitation and reproduction, as well as the right to make the entry publicly available and grant usage rights to third parties, in so far as this is necessary for its usage.
  • (2) The participant agrees that the nickname detailed in the entry when used in the contexts of its usage is sufficient evidence of their authorship.

7. Declaration of Consent

In the case of a win, the participants consent to the announcement and notification, as well as the forwarding of their address to the service provider for the purposes of the delivery of the main prize.

8. Privacy

  • (1) Gameforge will collect, use and process the personal data of the participants solely for the purposes detailed in these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • (2) Further information regarding Gameforge's handling of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy.

9. Disclaimer

Gameforge, its bodies, employees, and subcontractors are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence, regardless of legal basis, and in cases of ordinary negligence, only for the violation of essential contractual obligations and limited to foreseeable damages, as far as not precluded by other compulsory statutory provisions. These limitations do not apply for the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health.

10. Miscellaneous

  • (1) The participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions with their entry.
  • (2) In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the General Terms & Conditions also apply (together the ‘rules’).
  • (3) Should a participant infringe upon the rules during the participation period, or such an infringement by proven thereafter, their eligibility may be revoked.
  • (4) Gameforge reserves the right to end the contest before the end of the participation period, if for technical or legal reasons its proper execution cannot be guaranteed.
  • (5) In the event that any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions become ineffective, the remaining provisions shall remain effective and binding. Statutory rules shall take the place of the ineffective provision.