What does 'Starter' mean?

You will receive the Starter rank when you start playing AION after the switch to the free-to-play model. As a Starter you will have access to all regions. You can choose your hero from amongst all six classes, develop them all the way up to level 65 and experience all of the quests – all of which is completely free! Some game options will be limited however: amongst other things, you will only be able to create two characters, you won't be able to use certain chat channels and you will be unable to carry out any private trading. All possibilities can however be unlocked with the purchase of a Gold Pack.


What does 'Veteran' mean?

If you have already played AION and have paid the monthly subscription before the switch to the free-to-play model then you will be rewarded and will receive the Veteran rank. As a true and loyal player, you will enjoy some advantages over the Starter rank players: you will be able to open your own store, carry out business with the Trade Brokers or send letters with attachments.
So that we can name you a Veteran, we will need you to allow us to move your account to the new Gameforge server by marking it. All of your items, no matter whether they are in your inventory, in the shop or equipped – as well as your character and progress will be safely transferred. You can find more on this topic in the FAQ.


What does 'Gold User' mean?

A Gold Pack offers you the most extensive game experience available and offers you many advantages, such as more abyss points (that you gain for victory in PvP), or the opportunity to visit the instances more frequently. All game options will be made available to you for 30 days - for example, you can use the entire chat as well as all trading functions and each day, you can also gather an umlimited amount of essences and aether. Once this time expires you will be returned to the status that you had prior to the Gold Pack.


 StarterVeteranGold Pack
Pre-Condition none former subscription available in shop and AION Club
Duration permanent permanent temporary
Character slots 2 8 8
Bonus no no yes
Maximum character level 65 65 65
Chat limited
Trade limited
Personal shop limited
Mailbox limited
Trade broker limited
Legion limited
Gathering limited
Item extraction limited
NPC selling low normal normal
Amount of instance entries normal normal high
Fortress siege rewards limited limited
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