Project Curfew

The AION Team is getting active for environmental protection and better sleep!

Dear Community

For years Gameforge has been active on protecting the environment and today we'd like to present to you another project that will accommodate both the environment as well as our customers, whose wellbeing is always close to our hearts.
We are proud to announce that AION has been selected for the beta phase of the new Project Curfew, which will go live today on 01/04/2017.

What is "Project Curfew"?

As part of Project Curfew, all game servers will be powered down from 10 PM CEST until 6 AM CEST on the following day starting on Saturday 01/04/2017. Websites and the forums will remain available around the clock, however, as we know how important these communications platforms are for our players and don't want to impose any restrictions here.

What are the motives behind Project Curfew?

Project Curfew is the manifestation of Gameforge's will to make a statement together with players about environmental protection and for more sleep. Together with our players, we want to actively combat the excessive consumption of electricity and fight for a healthy day/night rhythm!

What role do the players have in this?

Since the servers will be unavailable each day from 10 PM CEST to 6 AM CEST as part of Project Curfew, we're also enabling our players to power down their home computers and to use this time differently - for example to dedicate to literature or to get some restful sleep. Who hasn't experienced it: you have the decision whether to "just do this one instance" or go to bed - then you're up early in the morning for work. This way we'd like to encourage our players to get active on the environment and at the same time retain a regulated sleeping pattern - the foundation of a successful day alongside a good breakfast.

Why has AION been selected for the beta phase of Project Curfew?

From the very beginning, Gameforge has strived to ensure that the players don't give up their real lives for AION. Shortly after we took on AION, for example, the hourly reminder that players should pay attention to the amount of time they've spent on AION was adjusted accordingly. With Project Curfew we'd now like to go a step further and enable all players to get sufficient sleep without running the risk of missing something crucial in the game.

Do you have any further questions?

Post them in the discussion thread about Project Curfew where we'll collate them and answer them during the next AskAION! We'd also like to express our thanks to Herr Blau, who gave us a better understanding of this project and was always there for advice.

The AION Team