The Party Continues: Celebrate AION’s 12th Anniversary with Us

We’re celebrating the 12th anniversary of AION and from 15/9 to 29/9 you have the chance to experience loads of action and rake in great loot in three more events! The Ancient Prophets event kicked things off, and now we present you the Battlefield Festival, the Dreamscape event and our Anniversary Hero Trials.

During the event, you can also look forward to free items in the AION Shop – why not take a look right now?

The Battlefield Festival

To commemorate AION’s 12th anniversary, you can play in ‘boosted’ Battlefield instances – this means double entries and more Battlefield Coins for your participation! You can also borrow completely enchanted equipment to help you really give it to your enemies.

Among the rewards you can get in exchange for Battlefield Coins, you’ll find treasures like the Legendary Fragment of Memory, the Daevanion Essence Bundle, Vaizel’s Apostle Transformation Fragment and many other great items!

Let Your Hero Benefit

In the Battlefield instances Ashunatal Dredgion, Runatorium, Neviwind Canyon, Kamar Battlefield, Raging Valley and Illumiel you receive various extras and can borrow equipment:

Ultimate Transformation: Boronerk is offering you a free ultimate transformation of your choice. It lasts for 30 minutes – even after dying – but will be removed after leaving the battlefield. The Buff Master minion function removes the transformation, however, so make sure you’ve deactivated it.

Ultimate Spiked Equipment Chest:For some Kinah, Lisnerk will lend you completely enchanted equipment in the mentioned instances. The chest contains two weapons with already fused stats and equipment for your class. The equipment will be removed after leaving the battlefield.

Boosts in the Instances: in the instances listed above, you can get more Battlefield Coins for your victory, defeat or draw – plus you can enter more often! Check out the Battlefield Overview to see all details about the instances at a glance.

Battlefield Coins: the Battlefield Coins you earn can be exchanged with Beatinerk for amazing prizes. You’ll find him near the Battlefield Briefing Officer Shamichael in Inggison or the Battlefield Briefing Officer Skamish in Gelkmaros.

The Dreamscape Festival

Enjoy the festivities, collect Anniversary Coins and exchange them for many rewards. You’ll also get a heap of XP in the Dreamscape!

Dive into the Dreamscape: You can enter the Dreamscape (level 76 and above) via entrances in the Inggison Illusion Fortress or the Gelkmaros Fortress. Speak with the Dreamscape Administrator at the entrance to get Dreamscape Gold.

Collect Anniversary Coins: Get 10 free Anniversary Coins per account per day in the AION Shop. You also get them if you complete the Dreamscape Administrator’s quest and participate in the Label Competition between Elyos and Asmodians (takes place every hour and lasts 10 minutes). When you’re done, you can go to Gastro Robo to exchange the coins for many useful consumables.

Receive Experience Points: No, you aren’t dreaming! In the Dreamscape, you automatically receive 750,000 experience points – per minute.

Note: the items [Event] 12th Anniversary Coin and [Event] Dreamscape Gold will be removed from the game after the event is over.

The Anniversary Hero Trials

Defeat one nasty enemy after the other and complete our Hero Trials for the 12th Anniversary: this will earn you the Anniversary Chest and the Luxury Chest which contain precious treasures!

Eight Trials for Atreia’s Heroes

There are eight Hero Trials for you to choose from – all but one of them are group trials which you will receive rewards for:

  • Garrison Attack in Lakrum: Conquer the garrison and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest.
  • Garrison Defence in Lakrum: Defend the garrison and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest.
  • To the Altar: Defeat the Snuwa High Priest during the Altar Siege Battle and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest.
  • Fortress Raid: Defeat Ulsaruk in Inggison or Gelkmaros and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest.
  • Atreian Instance Bosses: Kill the final enemy in Stella Development Laboratory (normal), in Ara Infernalia (easy), in Prometun’s Workshop (normal) and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest and a Luxury Chest.
  • Celebrities in Balaurea: Sabotage the enemy faction’s ambitions, defeat their bosses and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest and a Luxury Chest.
  • Undisputed Celebrity in Balaurea: Defeat the world bosses Omega and Ragnarok and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest and a Luxury Chest.
  • Purge of the Hererim Mine (solo quest): Defeat the Dark Mage Bukarota’s followers in the Hererim Mine and be rewarded with an Anniversary Chest and a Luxury Chest.

You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

Notes on the Hero Trials

The Hero Trials marked ‘[Account]’ can only be completed once per account.

You can collect your rewards from the mailbox in the shop. You can assign them to a character from there (Manage bonuses → Allocatable rewards).

Defeated monsters count towards the quest if you have gained XP by killing them. If you die, you don’t get any XP, and the monsters you killed don’t count towards the quest.

The items [12th Anniversary] Anniversary Chest and [12th Anniversary] Luxury Chest will be removed from the game after the event is over.