Pick up great items for magical crafting from Krorinerk

Running: 10/6 to 29/7

The Daevas are returning to Balaurea, in particular to Inggison and Gelkmaros. The little blue Drakie Krorinerk has also made his way there, with a whole host of precious cargo in tow. These items will be exceedingly useful to Daevas on their forays through the dragon lands.

Krorinerk is offering up his wares in exchange for Finest Balaurea Coins. Look forward to the following items:

  • [Rune] Box of Class A, Level 2-4 Minion Contracts
  • [Rune] Dark Dragon King's Mysterious Weapons Selection Box
  • [Rune] Mega Transformation Contract (9 types)

How it works:

The Coins

The event currency [Rune] Finest Balaurea Coins can be acquired in numerous ways:

  • You can find a special bundle containing Finest Balaurea Coins available in the AION Shop during the event, plus a number of other bundles which also contain coins.
  • Krorinerk has a weekly quest for you, in which you will be rewarded for bringing him 200 Genesis Crystals.

Transformation Contracts

You automatically receive 3 new magical crafting recipes, available between 10th June and 8th July.

You can use these to craft the [Rune] Bundle of Special Transformation Contracts (50 pieces), [Rune] Super Transformation Contracts (19 types) and [Rune] Mega Transformation Contracts (9 types). As basic materials, you need [Rune] Special Transformation Contract (62 types) and [Rune] Finest Transformation Contract amongst others.

Please note: All event items will be removed from the game one week after the event is over.