Head onto the Secret Hellpath and earn some precious items

Attention! A glowing meteorite shower has descended upon Lakrum and Dumaha, revealing a hidden entrance to the Secret Hellpath. Explore the region and be rewarded with the Mysterious Weapons Selection Box of the Dark Dragon King, the [Rune] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types), the [Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) as well as the [Rune] Box of Lucky Kinah!

Running: 21/8 to 11/9

Inspector Snoopinerk had the task of investigating the cosmic rock, but then he came across the opened gateway to the Secret Hellpath. In doing so, he made a terrible discovery: fearsome monsters are now trying to stream into Atreia and there’s only one who can stop them. You!

Here's how it works:

Help Snoopinerk and save Atreia from certain doom!

  • Defend Atreia against the monster invasion for 20 minutes. While you do so, use the Energy of Protection that you attain for defeated monsters.
  • Make use of the event currency to improve defensive abilities and build defence weaponry.
  • A successful defence will let you return to Snoopinerk with an investigation report.
  • Complete a further quest and take the [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer for yourself.
  • Use the [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer to destroy the scorching glowing meteorites to be rewarded with the [Rune] Glowing Meteorite Bundle.


A complete list of all rewards can be viewed here.


  • Earn a few extra points in the instance that you can then use to collect the Prison Key in the AION Shop. The key opens a cell with an additional enemy inside, who is waiting to mess you up.
  • You can also acquire the [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer directly from the AION Shop.

Note: The instance can only be entered by players between levels 76 and 80.

Enjoy and mind you don’t get burnt!
The AION Team