Save Valentine’s Day in Atreia, and earn yourself some gifts!

Running: 12/2 to 4/3

Chocorunerk is a Shugo chef who likes to indulge Daevas with sweet delicacies. The chocolate is surrounded by a mysterious aura, but Chocorunerk needs more Sinister Chocolate to make it. The Daevas don’t want to have to give up on Chocorunerk’s lip-smacking treats, and are eager to help.

Complete the event quest and you’ll get Pieces of Sinister Chocolate. You can look forward to rewards such as the [Rune] Transformation Contract: Marchutan, the [Rune] Selection Box of Ultimate Enchantment Stones, and the Goldsqueak – Blessing Health Recovery Box (90 days).

How it works:

The Quests

Chocorunerk has a quest for you – collect 10 [Event] Pieces of Sinister Chocolate and you’ll get [Rune] Chocorunerk’s Sweet Chocolate as a reward.

You can get Pieces of Sinister Chocolate by defeating boss monsters in the following instances:

  • Prometun’s Workshop (normal): Prigga
  • Prometun’s Workshop (hard): Prometun’s Workshop Treasure Chest (the 2nd)
  • Makarna of Bitterness: Beritra’s Shroud
  • Stella Development Laboratory (easy): Weakling Daeva Mob Leader
  • Stella Development Laboratory (normal): Daeva Mob Leader

You can also get Pieces of Sinister Chocolate as a reward for completing the Lugbug mission ‘Gamerunerk’s Toy Factory’. You will be able to access this mission from 19th February during the next event.

Sweet Chocolate

You can use Chocorunerk’s sweet chocolate in two ways:

  • Top up a little bit of the Silver Star’s energy.
  • Collect 10 pieces and hand them in to the Chocolate Tower of Happiness.

The Chocolate Tower of Happiness

As you may be able to guess from the name, this tower is Chocorunerk’s masterpiece. Take 10 [Rune] Chocorunerk’s Sweet Chocolate to the tower and you’ll get a [Rune] Hearty Recipe and a [Rune] Chocorunerk’s Gift Pack.

The Recipe

Once you’ve collected 20 [Rune] Hearty Recipe, put them into the Valentine’s Mail Box to receive your rewards.

The Valentine’s Mail Box will send the recipes you’ve collected and give you the [Rune] Chocorunerk’s Exquisite Gift Pack and the Goldsqueak – Blessing Health Recovery Box (90 days) as a reward.

Tip: You can use any recipes you have left over to top up a large amount of the Silver Star’s energy.


You can find a list of rewards here.

Please note: All event items will be removed from the game one week after the event is over.