Get the stolen sweets to safety and be richly rewarded!

Running: 9/9 to 30/9

Count Ghory and his lackeys have managed to steal all of the sweets in Atreia. It’s assumed that they’ve stashed the Stolen Goods in House Ghory’s Gold Vault so they can polish them off bit by bit. The Daevas won’t let these crooks get away with it and are summoning the forces of the Daeva Rangers to return the sweets to their rightful owners and teach Count Ghory a lesson!

Daevas who take part in the mission can look forward to rewards such as the [Event] Locked Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), the [Event] Locked Box of Class A, Level 2-4 Minion Contracts and the [Event] Special Wonderland Dress.

How it works:

House Ghory’s Gold Vault

You can find the entrance to the hideout in Inggison and Gelkmaros. You can only enter House Ghory’s Gold Vault once a day with one or two other players (from level 76). However, you can enter again using the [Event] House Ghory’s Gold Vault Entry Coin.


The Ranger Transformation

In order to defeat Count Ghory and his lackeys, you’ll transform into one of three Daeva Rangers and use your special skills: the red ranger carries a longsword, the blue ranger carries a greatsword and the pink ranger uses an orb in combat against the thieves.

You’ll then fight through the Gold Vault and finally, go up against Count Ghory’s Peons and the leader himself. If you manage to beat them, you’ll receive a whole lot of XP:


  • Captain Mines: 13,800,000 XP
  • Staff Officer Bonadi: 13,800,000 XP
  • Maintenance Officer Nokataki: 13,800,000 XP
  • Lady Ghory: 27,600,000 XP
  • Count Ghory: 27,600,000 XP


Tip: Grab the support of two NPCs and use the special skills of the black and green rangers to your advantage! After you’ve defeated Staff Officer Bonadi and Lady Ghory, these two rangers will prepare a special attack. Speak to them both at the same time to unleash it. Then you can enjoy reduced hit points for monsters.


Points and Ranks

You receive points for defeating an opponent. The more points you collect, the higher your rank will be and your reward too.

RankRank SRank ARank BRank C
Reward6x [Event] Toffee Hammer4x [Event] Toffee Hammer3x [Event] Toffee Hammer2x [Event] Toffee Hammer


Collect the candies.

You receive a Toffee Hammer as a reward and use it in Ghory’s Toffee Tower to get from 5 to 100 Rukibuki Coins.

You can then spend your Rukibuki Coins with Lady Baroka in Inggison or Baron Baroka in Gelkmaros.

Get more Rukibuki Coins

Need more coins? No problem, because by logging in daily you get 5 additional Rukibuki Coins for each hour that you stay logged into the game. You can also get Lugbug missions in which you can scoop up additional Rukibuki Coins and Entry Coins.



Please note that the following event items will be removed from the game one week after the end of the event: the [Event] Locked Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), the [Event] Locked Box of Class A, Level 2-4 Minion Contracts, the [Event] Rukibuki Coins and the [Event] Toffee Hammer.

The AION Team