Take part and get fantastic bonuses

Running: 2/9 to 30/9

Celebrate AION’s 11th birthday now in the Dreamscape! Enjoy the festivities, collect special coins to celebrate the 11th anniversary and exchange them for lots of cool rewards from Aion himself! Oh, and you’ll also get gifts for being logged in!

During the event you can get items such as the [Event] 11th Anniversary Coin Reward Bundle, the [Event] 11th Anniversary Party Costume or the [Rune] Transformation Contract: Tiamat.

How it works:

Gifts for the 11th Daeva Day

Daily Login Bonus

During the event period you’ll get gifts after a certain amount of time for being logged in:

  • Every 30 minutes: 1x [Event] 11th Anniversary Coin (max. 10 per day)
  • After 120 minutes: 100x Genesis Crystal (once a day)
  • After 240 minutes: 10x Ancient Fragment of Memory (once a day)
  • After 300 minutes: 1x [Event] Daevanion Skill Chest (10 types) (once a day)

Exchange coins

You can exchange your 11th Anniversary Coins with Gastro Robo, Altamoda Robo and Boparobo for cool rewards.


Dive into the Dreamscape

You can enter the Dreamscape via entrances in the Inggison Illusion Fortress or the Gelkmaros Fortress. Windstreams will help you get to the festival area at top speed.

Face the challenge of the Dream Adventurer! The Dreamscape Administrator at the entrance has got daily quests waiting for you that you can complete to earn 11th Anniversary Coins. You can also get coins for completing the Lugbug missions throughout the event.

You can gain experience by hunting monsters in the Strollers’ Garden in the Dreamscape.

There’ll be a ticket contest between the Elyos and Asmodians every hour. You can win 11th Anniversary Coins here too!



Monsters from Dumaha have invaded Inggison and Gelkmaros and are threatening to ambush the festivities for the 11th AION anniversary! Help put a stop to them and grab yourself some fantastic rewards:

From 25th–27th September 2020 between 9 AM to 10 AM and 9 PM to 10 PM you’ll find Wasteland Snuwa Warriors, Wasteland Snuwa Attackers and Shulack Mutant Vagabonds, who are carrying an [Event] Selection Box of Legendary Transformation Contracts (16 types) on them.

From 25th–27th September 2020 at 9:25 AM and 9:25 PM you’ll run into Daeva Mutant Highwaymen, who are carrying an [Event] Selection Box of Ultimate Transformation Contracts.

If you wipe out the monsters together with a group, a die will decide who gets the selection box.


The celebrations continue

Exciting new Hero Trials await you, a week later you can go up against Count Ghory and his vassals, and lots more!



You can find a list of rewards here.

Note: The event items [Event] 11th Anniversary Coin, [Event] 11th Anniversary Coin Reward Bundle, [Event] Ticket 1111, [Event] Selection Box of Legendary Transformation Contracts (16 types) and [Event] Selection Box of Ultimate Transformation Contracts will be removed from the game.

The AION Team