More drop improvements for AION’s instances!

In our last news post, we talked about our first steps for improving the rewards system. Bet you probably thought the AION team would never get anything sorted while working from home? Wrong! We might not be wearing any trousers, but that hasn’t stopped us working hard to get these drop improvements ready for you:

To make it more predictable to plan your hero’s progress, we’re introducing a new Epic Loot System! (Alright, technically it should be called more like an ‘Epic-Alchemical-Multi-Fragmentary-Item-Fusion-Loot-System’, but that didn’t have quite the right ring to it).

The premise is simple. While you’re rampaging around Atreia, you’ll pick up the fragments to an item. Once you’ve got enough fragments, you can use a reagent to merge those fragments together, and BOOM! There’s the final item!

The fragments are absolutely guaranteed to drop in various instances, instantly (no pun intended) giving them more replayability. The Epic Loot System gives you an easier way to see exactly how and when you’ll be rewarded. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of your hero’s adventuring lifestyle!

Each item requires 24 fragments to be crafted. Guess the next question on your lips is which enemies you need to crumple to get them? You’ll find the answers in our summary table.

You still here? Well, if you’re still reading, here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re trying to get your hands on an Ancient Transformation Contract. Then you’ll need to get 24 [Event] Ancient Transformation Contract Fragments. You and your friends pick these off the Daeva Mob Leader, the final boss in Stella Development Laboratory (normal). You can collect up to 4 of these fragments per week this way, without spending any gold, scrolls or Luna.

Once you’ve gathered 24 fragments, use an Ancient Transformation Reagent to bind them together and get your final reward. The reagents can be purchased in the Gold Sand Shop. These are limited per character and week.

We’re not done yet; we’re also planning to make how you earn weapons and gear more predictable. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news posts – we’ll have more details for you soon!

Happy looting!

The AION Team