Join in our summer event: there’s strong buffs to be had!

Running: 31/7 to 14/8

It’s hot in Atreia, super hot! A lot of Daevas are looking for a way to keep cool. It’s perfect timing for this super cool summer event!

Eisonerk is Atreia’s greatest Ice Sculptor and he has found his new passion: reproducing minions! He is travelling all over Atreia in hopes of bringing the beauty and variety of Atreia’s minions to a wider audience. But recently something extra-special happened: his limitless admiration manifested itself in the ice sculptures as a minion goddess. Some hold a hidden well of power within them, which the Daevas can even use to their advantage!

Here's how it works:

Seek out all three godly ice sculptures and collect powerful buffs! They can be found in the main towns of Pandaemonium and Sanctum.

  • Kromede’s Ice Sculpture grants you 30% more Abyss Points for 1 hour
  • Grendal’s Ice Sculpture grants you 30% more experience points for 1 hour
  • Weda’s Ice Sculpture grants you 20% more loot for 1 hour