Increase your Field Glory and earn fantastic items

Running: 26th August to 23rd September

In our Honour and Glory Event you can enjoy daily and weekly quests to increase your Field Glory. At certain Field Glory Levels you can pick up limited event items – including [Rune] Nabaru’s Fruit, Triniel’s Apostle Transformation Fragment and [Event] Noble Odian Expansion Box!

An Arctic Threat

The war between Daevas and Balaur has left its mark in Balaurea. Many forests, once home to the Elim, have been destroyed. It was only thanks to the aid of the ancient Elim Baltasar that the worst could be avoided, by defending certain lands from the encroaching Balaur undead.

Yet now a new peril threatens to break upon the land: an icy wind portends destruction and carries the people’s cries for help. Frozen and Winter Agrints are overrunning Gelkmaros, Inggison, Lakrum, Dumaha and Red Katalam, and only the Daevas of destiny can beat them back!

Aid for the Elim

In order to support the Elim, you’ll need to complete daily and weekly quests.

  • Meet Nabaru and Alrunta in Gelkmaros and Inggison.
  • Talk to Neligor in Lakrum.
  • Find Lodas in Dumaha.
  • Help Lidimtas in Red Katalam.

Each Elim has two types of quest for you:

  • Daily quests can be collected 3x. Your opponents in this case are Frozen Agrints.
  • Weekly quests can be played 1x per week and pit you against Winter Agrints.

You’re rewarded for completing quests with Nabaru’s Fruit to increase your Field Glory Level.

Field Glory Levels

Alrunta has additional quests for you once you reach Field Glory Levels 3, 5 and 7. These reward you with Odian fragments or Odians. You can also purchase additional items from Elim in Lakrum, Dumaha and Red Katalam once you’ve reached the aforementioned levels.