Head onto the Secret Hellpath and reap precious rewards

A glowing meteorite shower has descended upon Gelkmaros and Inggison, revealing a hidden entrance to the Secret Hellpath. Explore the area and defeat the monsters before they invade Balaurea. Awards await you like the [Rune] Transformation Contract: Ereshkigal, [Rune] Box of Class S Minion Contracts (10 types) and the +6 Extreme Equipment Chest!

The event runs from 11/01/2023 to 08/02/2023

Venture Down the Hellpath

Speak with Snoopinerk who will give you the task to enter the Secret Hellpath. Then it’s up to you to defend Atreia against the monster invasion for 20 minutes.

Use the Energy of Protection dropped by fallen monsters – destroying them gives you a currency which you can spend on weapons for the instance, as well as improvements to your skills.

Depending on how well you do during the defence, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 10:00 minutes remaining and 500,000 points earned → 3x [Event] Camo Chest Key, 5x [Event] Experience Crystal and 1x Investigation Report about the Secret Hellpath
  • 7:30 minutes remaining and 500,000 points earned → 1x [Event] Camo Chest Key, 2x [Event] Experience Crystal and 1x Investigation Report about the Secret Hellpath

If you have less then 7:30 minutes remaining and earned fewer than 220,000 points, you’ll go away empty-handed.

During your battle on the Hellpath, you’ll meet the Wildcat which MuMu is so afraid of. Defeat it and then grab the Incognito Key and the Gold Camo Chest Key. The Iognito Key opens the Prison door and grants access to the Gold Camo Chest. Just note that you’ll lose these keys as soon as you leave the instance.

Get Meteorite Debris

As a reward, you can get a [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer from the Camo Chest or the AION Shop. You can use this to process the remnants of the Glowing Meteorite to get the [Rune] Glowing Meteorite Bundle.

You can either use a hammer to receive one bundle or use 30 hammers to get 33 bundles (or 36 with a little luck).


You can find an overview of all potential rewards in our Reward List.

Note: The items [Rune] Orichalcon Hammer, [Rune] Glowing Meteorite Bundle, Snoopinerk’s Gift Pack, Incognito Key and Entry Scroll for the Contaminated Hellpath will be removed from the game and AION Shop after the event.