Defeat the Wildcat and scoop up amazing loot

The rat MuMu has come across a hidden path that needs investigating, but a ferocious Wildcat has holed itself up in there. The Daevas have been asked to get rid of the Wildcat and other creatures. In reward for their services, they can expect to pick up valuable items such as the Ultimate Transformation Selection Box, Vision Weapons Selection Box and Bundle of Class S Minionite (30 pieces).

Running: 20th January to 10th February

Enter the Hellpath

MuMu will show you the entrance to the Hellpath which you can enter once per day (from level 76). This resets at 9 AM.

Stand Firm

As soon as you enter the Hellpath, you’ll turn into a warrior with special abilities. Use these against waves of enemies, and put up a staunch defence.

Once you complete the instance, Camo Chests will appear for you to loot. Opening the chests requires keys which can either be earned in the game or purchased in the AION Shop.

Monsters will also drop Energy of Protection. Destroying this gives you a currency which you can spend on weapons for the instance, as well as improvements to your skills.

The Wildcat

During your battle on the Hellpath, you’ll meet the Wildcat which MuMu is so afraid of. Defeat it and then grab the Incognito Key which enables you to open a door and gain access to a Gold Camo Chest. Just note that you’ll lose this key as soon as you leave the instance.


After overcoming a certain number of waves, you’ll face the final boss who gives you your last reward. The rank you get depends on how well you do, and only ranks S and A earn prizes… B to F and you go home empty-handed!

  • Rank S: At least 10:00 minutes still on the clock and you’ve earned at least 500,000 points. Reward: 3x Camo Chest and 10x Experience Crystal
  • Rank A: At least 7:30 minutes still on the clock and you’ve earned at least 220,000 points. Reward: 1x Camo Chest and 6x Experience Crystal

You can find a complete list of rewards here.

AION Shop Offers

During the event you can pick up Camo Chest Keys and Entry Scrolls for the Contaminated Hellpath in the AION Shop.

Note: The event items Incognito Key, Camo Chest Key and Entry Scroll for the Contaminated Hellpath will be removed from the game and AION Shop after the event.