Join the race and win great prizes!

The Daeva Race on the Treasure Island of Courage is known for being the hardest in all of Atreia. In this merciless and now even more challenging parcours, three Elyos go up against three Asmodians. The runners hit the Start line with special abilities and have to use these wisely to overcome their opponents. The course includes a number of hurdles, passes some sneaky traps and through some difficult terrain, often forcing brave participants to take to the sky or to make use of mounts.

Alongside fame and recognition there are some fantastic prizes waiting at the finish, including the [Rune] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone, the [Rune] Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone, the [Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), the [Rune] Ancient Transformation Contract: (18 types) and the Daevanion Skill Chest (10 types).

Head to the start!

Enter the Treasure Island of Courage instance between 3/7 and 17/7 and register for the competition using the integrated instance server. As soon as three players of each faction are present, the race begins.

Competition Classes

Every team member sets their competition class prior to the big race. Select the class according to your tactics:

Hook Class
Abilities: Frenzy, Restraining Chains, Fear Bomb, Gripping Chains

Trap Class
Abilities: Gripping Hand, Frenzy, Binding Hand, Paralysis Breath

Shield Class
Abilities: Frozen Harpoon, Swiftwing, Frost Barrier, Remove Shock

Danger, Hazards!

The race comprises one round and is split into 4 sections. It is no easy task!

Section 1: Overcome the hurdles and watch out for traps.
Section 2: Spread out your wings and fly through the storm with poor sightlines.
Section 3: Use a mount but watch out for the bombs.
Section 4: There are deep chasms, spiders and zombies lurking here.


Your team receives points when it is in the lead and of course, if it wins. Every runner on the winning team receives three keys. In the event of a draw, all runners receive one key. The members of the losing team also receive a key.

One of the received keys can be used to open the Regular Treasure Chest. The two Magnificent Treasure Chests can only be opened with special keys. You can get this from the Regular Treasure Chest or from the AION Shop. The Class A Magnificent Treasure Chest requires 5 of the special keys and 10 for the Class S Magnificent Treasure Chest.

The chests contain a corresponding bundle. You can see which great items are contained in the bundles in our list of rewards.

Note: the event items will be removed from the game on 24/7.