The Joker Card

Craft high-quality Transformation Contracts during this event

A mysterious informant has told the Daevas that two new magical recipes have been discovered in Atreia! In order to profit from this discovery, the Daevas have to use the so-called ‘Joker Card’. The card lets you craft valuable boxes that can contain Transformation Contracts ranging from ancient to ultimate.

As part of this event, Daevas can look forward to items like [Rune] Joker’s Premium Transformations (32 types), [Rune] Joker’s Amazing Transformations (14 types) and the [Rune] Joker Chest: Noble Greater Transformations!

Running: 14/4 to 5/5

How it works:

You can get what you need to make the Transformation Contracts in the AION Shop – grab yourself the packs below:

  • Legendary Joker Transformation Pack
  • Joker Card Pack
  • Joker Transformation Pack

You can also bag the [Rune] Joker Card 1x per account for free (only available until 28th April).

Magical Crafting

Two new recipes for Magical Crafting will be available for you to make during the event:

Recipe #1

You’ll need 6 Joker Cards to be able to make the [Rune] Joker’s Premium Transformations (32 types). You can use this to receive ancient, legendary or ultimate Transformations.

With a little luck, you can even make [Rune] Joker’s Amazing Transformations (14 types). As a reward for your effort, these give you legendary or ultimate Transformations.

Recipe #2

You’ll need [Rune] Joker’s Amazing Transformations (14 types) as well as 3 Joker Cards; with a little luck, you’ll be able to make the [Rune] Joker Chest: Noble Greater Transformations. If you don’t manage to do that, you’ll receive [Rune] Joker’s Amazing Transformations (14 types)

The [Rune] Joker Chest: Noble Greater Transformations contains the [Rune] Legendary Joker Transformation Box (27 types) or the [Rune] Ultimate Transformation Selection Box (4 types).

The [Rune] Legendary Joker Transformation Box (27 types) in turn contains legendary Transformations (as well as Apostle, Hanbok Pixel and Halloween Transformations) for you to have fun with.

Transformation Fusion

From 28/4 to 5/5 you can also benefit from an especially powerful Transformation Fusion:

If you fuse two or three legendary Transformations during this period, but the fusion fails, the result cannot revert to an ancient Transformation. You will get a legendary Transformation back instead.

Please note: The item [Rune] Joker Card will be removed from the game at the end of the event.