Enjoy the Benefits of the Valuable Morphing!

In this event, you’ll receive a strong boost to Enchantment Stones. This will get you many more points from Lumiel’s Transmorph than usual! There are also limited time item collections available.

Use this opportunity to get items like the +4 Extreme Weapons Chest, the [Rune] Selection Box of DP Daevanion Skills], the [Rune] Transformation Contract: Marchutan and much more!

Running: 30th June to 21st July

Lumiel’s Boost

During the event, certain Enchantment Stones available under ‘Valuable Morphing’ receive a boost which increases their stats seven-fold. Additionally, new items have been added to the possible morph results.

You can look up the stat increases in the following list.

  • Legendary PvE/PvP Enchantment Stone: 25 → 175 points
  • [Rune] Legendary PvE/PvP Enchantment Stone: 50 → 350 points
  • Legendary PvE/PvP Enchantment Stone (Trade via Brokers possible): 75 → 525 points
  • [Rune] Ultimate PvE/PvP Enchantment Stone: 150 → 1050 points
  • Ultimate PvE/PvP Enchantment Stone: 75 → 525 points

To go along with this, there will be special items and bundles in the AION Shop on offer during the event – so be sure to stop by:

  • Lumiel’s Enchantment Chest of the Wise
  • Lumiel’s Greater Enchantment Chest
  • Lumiel’s Excellent Enchantment Chest
  • [Rune] Lumiel’s Exquisite Morphalium (4x per account weekly for free)

Lumiel’s Item Collection

Timeframe: 30/6 to 22/9

You can choose from two limited time item collections: Lumiel’s Wisdom I and Lumiel’s Wisdom II. You will need the [Rune] Mark of the Wise to activate them. This is available in Lumiel’s Enchantment Chest of the Wise. You receive 4x per account in the AION Shop!

Please note, that the Mark of the Wise will be removed from the game on 21/7 and you should register it in your collection before then.

Lumiel’s Crafting of Extreme Equipment

Timeframe: 7/7 to 21/7

NPC Lumian, an craftsman of extreme items, is offering you his services in exchange for the [Rune] +4 Extreme Equipment Chest Design – so take him up on it!

You can receive the Chest Design from Lumiel’s Ultimate Box, which can be purchased 4x per account in the AION Shop.

Note: The items [Rune] +4 Extreme Equipment Chest Design and [Rune] Mark of the Wise will be removed from the game after the event is over. Completed limited time item collections will be removed on 22.09.2021.