Rub the Magic Lamp to Unlock Precious Rewards

Running: 1/9 to 22/9

Archaeologists excavated deep beneath the ruins in the deserts of Dumaha and recovered several Mysterious Magic Lamps.

These lamps are imbued with a marvellous energy that bestows power, riches, and precious items on whoever owns them – including the +5 Extreme Weapon Selection Box, [Rune] Transformation Contract: Marchutan, Summer Pearl of Eternity (90 days), and much more! 

Collect Mysterious Magic Lamps

Here are the ways you can get the lamps:

  • Each week collect 3 lamps per account for free from the AION Shop.
  • You can buy single lamps, or buy them in packs of 15 or 30 in the AION Shop.

Rub the Lamp

If you rub a Mysterious Magic Lamp, it will rank up! Ranking up the lamps will make it give you better items. The lamps can have levels 1 to 8. But don’t rub too hard, or your precious lamp might break!

Lamp Fragments

If you break your lamp while upgrading it, you’ll receive a Lamp Fragment. You might also get fragments as a by-product while upgrading your lamp.

Lamp Fragments can be exchanged for the following fabulous items from Ararunerk:

  • [Rune] Enchanting Arabian Headdress
  • [Rune] Enchanting Arabian Robe
  • Magic Carpet – Premium Restoration (90 days)
  • Astral Knight Leather Doublet
  • Astral Knight Leather Legwear
  • Astral Knight Leather Spaulders
  • Astral Knight Vambraces
  • Astral Knight Leather Shoes
  • Astral Knight Leather Hat

You can also collect fragments and use 5 of them to craft a level 1 Mysterious Magic Lamp.


Here is a list of rewards.

Please note: The event items [Rune] Mysterious Magic Lamp (levels 1 to 8) and [Rune] Lamp Fragment will be removed from the game after the event is over.

Enjoy the event series!
The AION Team