Here we go again – join part 2 of our epic event series

Timeframe: 1/7 to 5/8

A mysteriously shimmering material has fallen on Atreia: Callistite, which is said to contain the concentrated power of the moon. Rumours are going around that whoever possesses enough Callistites will be able to transfer their unbound power onto their weapons.

In this event, brave Daevas will be rewarded with the following items amongst others:
[Rune] Selection Box of Danae Weapons, Selection Box of Artemis Weapons – Lunaris and Lunicorn – Premium Restoration Box (30 days).

Event Series

‘The Power of the Sun’ was the first part of our major Cosmic Event series. This series continues with ‘The Power of the Moon’. Daevas who also join in the third part of this series in the coming months and use magical crafting to obtain their weapons, will receive the final reward – an additional skill!

The Weapons

Use magical crafting to create two types of lunar weapon:

  • Craft Danae weapons with lunar animations.
  • Craft Artemis weapons with lunar animations and receive the Lunaris skill. The accompanying Lunar Energy special skill will give you a shield effect once your HP falls below 80%. Additionally, the skill grants up to 30,000 protection and boosts your resistance to shock states by 300.


Here’s how to create the materials for lunar weapons:

Combine 7 Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones using magical crafting and get a [Rune] Bundle of Callistites (3 pieces) – there’s even a small chance to get a bundle of 30 Callistites OR the [Rune] Sky Weapon Prototype.
Please note that only tradeable Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones can be used for crafting.

Then to craft the sky weapons:

  • Combine 1x [Rune] Sky Weapon Prototype with 30x [Rune] Callistite to get 1x [Rune] Selection Box of Danae Weapons, or there’s a small chance of receiving the Selection Box of Artemis Weapons – Lunaris instead.
  • Combine 3x [Rune] Sky Weapon Prototype with 85x [Rune] Callistite to get the Selection Box of Artemis Weapons – Lunaris.
  • Use 1x [Rune] Selection Box of Danae Weapons in magical crafting to craft a [Rune] Sky Weapon Prototype.
  • You can also craft a sun weapon from the first part of the event series: use the Selection Box of Artemis Weapons – Lunaris in magical crafting to obtain a Selection Box of Helios Weapons – Solaris

Receive Other Lunar Weapons

You have a 100% chance of obtaining the Artemis weapons from 5 raid monsters: Crazed Anomos, Kadabra, Pupuru, Rachmaga and Yanohas.

Please note that raid monsters summoned using summoning scrolls do not drop the weapons.

You can choose between the four different bundles in the AION Shop. Various Enchantment Stones or Callistite: the bundles on offer contain everything you need for the event.

The Lunaris Quest

Find Baldach in the Inggison Illusion Fortress or the Gelkmaros Fortress: he has a special task for you! Completing the quest requires that you use the ‘Lunaris’ skill. In reward you’ll get the fragments of two book formulae: Divine Protection and (Improved) Divine Protection.

Tip: In the last part of this event series, you’ll have a chance to collect more fragments, so keep them safe, you’ll need them later!

Enchantment Stone Merchants

In the Inggison Illusion Fortress or the Gelkmaros Fortress you’ll also encounter two Shugos trading PvE and PvP Enchantment Stones: Pibirinerk has PvE Enchantment Stones to offer you and Bipirinerk trades in PvP Enchantment Stones.

Please note that only tradeable Legendary PvE and PvP Enchantment Stones can be used in this event.

Tip: You can also get the [Rune] Box with Secret Transformation Potion from Bipirinerk, which you’ll need for Pandarung’s Infiltration.

The Moon Unicorn

Unicorns are a fairly common occurrence in Atreia, but a unicorn which came from the moon? That sounds like something out of a fairy tale. But no, the story is true!

Magical crafting makes it possible. Combine a [Rune] Sky Unicorn Prototype with 1x [Rune] Callistite and get a Lunicorn – Premium Restoration Box (30 days).

The required [Rune] Sky Unicorn Prototype can be obtained from Pibirinerk.

Enjoy the event series!
The AION Team

Please note: All event items excluding weapons and fragments will be removed from the game one week after the end of the event.