Valentines Day: Chocolate and Pirates

Fight Monsters and Collect Your Reward in the Chocolate Citadel

The dotty pirate couple Baron and Lady Baroka have arrived in Gelkmaros and Inggison, and are exchanging their wares for Rukibuki Coins. Not only that, but a strange Daevan Chocolate Citadel has been sighted! Monsters have been carrying large quantities of chocolate with them ever since, which can be exchanged for valuable items at the tower.

Get ready for an event that’s got some fantastic rewards in store, such as the Locked Selection Box of Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contracts, the [Rune] Vision Weapons Chest and the [Event] Selection Box with an Engraved Ultimate Manastone.

Event timeframe: 10/2 to 3/3

Have Yourself Some Chocolate

There are three ways of obtaining chocolate:

  • Hunt monsters in Gelkmaros and Inggison – they sometimes carry [Event] Ultimate Chocolate.
  • Complete the Lugbug Missions that are part of the event.
  • Stay logged in: For every hour you remain in the game, you’ll receive 5x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate (max. 20 per day).

Complete Lugbug Event Missions

Complete the daily Lugbug Missions within the event and you won’t just get some much sought-after chocolate, but you’ll also receive Rukibuki Coins as a final reward! You’ll find the monsters you need to defeat in Gelkmaros or Inggison – the more the better:

  • Defeat 300 monsters and get 5x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate.
  • Defeat 500 monsters and get 10x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate.
  • Defeat 700 monsters and get 15x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate.
  • Defeat 1000 monsters and get 20x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate.

Smashed it in the event’s daily Lugbug Missions? Then you can look forward to your final reward:

  • For levels 1 and 2, you’ll receive 5x [Event] Rukibuki Coins for each.
  • For level 3, you’ll receive 10x [Event] Rukibuki Coins.

Exchange Your Rukibuki Coins

To get hold of some Rukibuki Coins, you’ll first need to go and see Baron and Lady Baroka with 10x [Event] Ultimate Chocolate and 500,000 Kinah; they will give you some items in return. These items can be exchanged at the Chocolate Citadel for 10 to 50 Rukibuki Coins.

Baron Baroka and Lady Baroka have all kinds of spoils from their thieving sprees locked away that you can buy, but you’ll need a key first. You can get these in the AION Shop:

Key for Locked Selection Box of Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contracts
[Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types)
[Rune] Key for Box of Class A, Level 2-4 Minion Contracts

Pirate Special

Gold Pack users can enjoy double entries to the following instances during the event (the number of weekly entries will increase from 4 to 8):

  • Lower Udas Temple
  • Esoterrace
  • Prometun’s Workshop (normal and hard)
  • Makarna of Bitterness (normal and hard)
  • Stella Development Laboratory (easy and normal)
  • Beninerk’s Manor (easy and normal)
  • Ara Infernalia (easy and normal)
  • Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy and normal)

Note: The following event items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: Key for Locked Selection Box of Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contracts, [Rune] Key for Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), [Rune] Key for Box of Class A, Level 2–4 Minion Contracts, Locked Selection Box of Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contracts, [Event] Locked Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), [Event] Locked Box of Class A, Level 2–4 Minion Contracts, [Event] Ultimate Chocolate and [Event] Rukibuki Coin.