Rusty Coin

Combine your XP and Luna's Light with the Coins and receive some prized rewards

Running: 16/1 till 20/2

The business-minded Shugo Boborunerk always knew to turn the events of Atreia to his advantage. But after Ereshkigal’s devastating attack on the Tower of Eternity and her retreat to Lakrum afterwards, a lot changed for Boborunerk. To keep his business up and running, he is now working together with Karunerk of Karunerk's Workshop.

During your forays through Lakrum’s instances you can gather ‘Boborunerk’s Rusty Coins’ from defeated boss enemies.

Combine the coin with 8,000,000 XP to receive ‘Boborunerk's Special Coin’. You can combine 5 Boborunerk’s Special Coins with Luna's Light to receive an extraordinary reward, including items such as the [Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone, the Legendary Lydium, the Box of Level 80 Manastones and the Scion Daeva Set (Plate).

Additionally level 80 players will receive 5 Rusty Coins a day through the daily login.

There is a chance that your ennemies will drop the coins in the following instances:

Instanced ZoneBoss
Mirash Refuge Kirshka's Treasure Chest
Garden of Knowledge Piton
Prometun's Workshop Raging Prigga
Makarna of Bitterness Beritra's Claw
Holy Tower Nergal
Narakkalli Simple Narakkalli Treasure Box