Make good use of the increased enchantment chance now

Countless Daeva lost their lives protecting their home Atreia in the devastating Thousand Year War. The memories and spirit of these heroes survive since this time held within the stigma stones, mythical crystals laden with power and wisdom.

Increased Enchantment Chance

Running: 7/8 to 11/9

Since update 7.0 you can enchant stigmas to level 12 (instead of level 9). In this event the percentage chance to successfully enchant stigmas has been increased! Additionally there are a range of stigma items available in the AION Shop including the Greater Stigma Enchantment Bundle and the Small Stigma Enchantment Bundle.

These are the enchantment chance rates for the event:

Enhancement LevelsOriginalEvent
9 30% 30%
10 20% 30%
11 20% 30%
12 20% 30%

Make use of the archaic might of the enchanted stigmas, learn new skills and become stronger than ever before!

Enjoy your enchantments!
The AION Team