Take advantage of the increased enchantment chance now

Countless Daevas lost their lives protecting their homeland of Atreia in the devastating Millennium War. The memories and spirit of these heroes have survived since this time held within the Stigma Stones, those mythical crystals laden with power and wisdom.

Increased Enchantment Chance

Enjoy an increased chance of successfully enchanting your stigmas in the Stigma Enchantment Event, one week each month. Plus during the event you can also pick up special items for Stigma enchantments from the AION Shop.

The enchantment levels in this event start at +9 each time, but may vary. The current enchantment chance will always be displayed in the server maintenance information. Exploit the archaic might of enchanted Stigmas, learn new skills and become stronger than ever before!

Happy enchanting!
The AION Team