Complete Hero Trials and earn fabulous rewards

Running: 5/8 to 19/8

The Red Nose Granker King is back! After his humiliating defeat last winter, he retreated to lick his wounds and plot revenge. Now he intends to bring the Daevas to task, having mustered a sizeable army of Sweaties and Redclaw Potcrabs. Even Debilkarim the Maker has joined his cause. Their plan is to hit Inggison and Gelkmaros, so the Daevas will have to be on their guard!

The Hero Trials

Complete Hero Trials and send the Granker King’s army packing. In reward you can look forward to a Selection Box of Ultimate Enchantment Stones, Balaurea Odian Chest, or Class A Minion Contract, Level 4 (5 types) amongst others!

Complete the requisite quests and defeat special enemies in Inggison and Gelkmaros to master the Hero Trials. The quests are available for players of levels 76-80 and can be played in groups.

Seek our your opponents at the following locations:

  • Sweaties and Redclaw Pot Crabs appear in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  • Debilkarim the Maker can be found in Lower Udas Temple.
  • The Red Nose Granker King is roaming around Inggison Outpost and the Gelkmaros Defence Base.


In addition to the rewards for completing the daily/weekly quests, you’ll also receive bonus rewards for completing a certain number of Hero Trials.

In order to rake in all you can for these quests, you’ll need to complete the daily/weekly quests with the same character.

The quest rewards are divided up as follows:

  • 6 of 18 quests completed
  • 10 of 18 quests completed
  • 15 of 18 quests completed

Note: We’ve reworked the appearance of the Hero Trials user interface/window.