Win Attractive Prizes in This Event That’s Full of Variety

A rift in space and time has opened up in Atreia: Asmodians and Elyos are using the opportunity to advance into Tiamaranta’s Eye once more. Courageous Daevas are setting out to hunt monsters there, looting valuable chests and careering fearlessly into brutal skirmishes! As rewards for the bravest of them, the [Rune] Jorgoth’s Half-Weapons Chest, the [Event] Shimmering Abyss Treasure and the [Motion Card] Windfire Rings await.

Running: 11/11 to 1/12

How the Event Works

Tiamaranta’s Eye awaits you: Pit yourself against other players in PvP, seize victory for your faction in RvR, go monster hunting or scour the region for exquisite chests.

Face off against powerful opponents every day: Defeat Governor Sunayaka and Berserker Sunayaka, and premium rewards will drop for you!

Entering Via the Rift

You can reach Tiamaranta’s Eye via a rift in Gelkmaros or Inggison. Players from any server can join in the fight – the Dimension Hourglass isn’t required to enter.

Inside Tiamaranta’s Eye

Sunayaka will appear as governor or as Berserker Sunayaka in the Commander’s Room in the centre of the area at the following times:

  • Every day from 1 PM to 1:30 PM → Governor Sunayaka
  • Monday to Friday from 8 PM to 8:30 PM → Governor Sunayaka or Berserker Sunayaka
  • Saturday to Sunday from 8 PM to 8:30 PM → Berserker Sunayaka

Please note: since enemies will also drop normal items, the alliance/league leader should adjust the distribution settings accordingly (Distribution Settings → Roll Dice: Normal items or above)

Rental Equipment and Buff

For a little Kinah, the NPC Lisnerk in Tiamaranta’s Eye will lend you a completely enchanted Ultimate Spiked Equipment Chest – the [Event] Ultimate Spiked Equipment Chest contains two weapons and an armour for you class! The chest and the equipment disappear as soon as you leave Tiamaranta’s Eye.

The NPC Boronerk will give you a free ultimate transformation buff of your choice: Kaisinel, Marchutan, Ereshkigal or Tiamat. The strengthening spell remains for 30 minutes, even after death. But if you leave Tiamaranta’s Eye, the buff will be removed. The minions’ Buff Master function can override the buff, however. Please deactivate or remove the Transformation Scrolls to avoid this.


Bundle of Protectorate Gold Coins
You can get the Bundle of Protectorate Gold Coins in the AION Shop. You can trade in your bundle for high-quality items with the NPCs Arseus and Lechi.

Treasure Chests
You’ll need keys to open the treasure chests that you will find throughout Tiamaranta’s Eye. You can obtain these from Keymasters, quests or as a drop from monsters.

Reward Overview
You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

Note: The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: [Rune] Selection Box of Ultimate Enchantment Potions, [Rune] Ascension Jam (PvP Attack), [Rune] Ascension Jam (PvP Defence), Tiamaranta’s Eye Treasure Box Key, Tiamaranta’s Eye Treasure Chest Key and Protectorate Gold Coins.