Treasure Hunt Event

Loot some valuable items from 20/2 to 13/3!

Greetings, Daeva!

Lakrum is a region full of wonders and dangers. There is always talk of mysterious chests holding fabled treasures. After a tremendous earthquake, these are now appearing all over Lakrum.

This is your chance: head into high level dungeons from 20th February to 13th March and hunt for the keys to open these chests. There are two kinds of Key-Chest combinations: PvP and PvE.

You’ll find the following items, among others: Whispering Lady’s set (appearance), [Rune] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone, [Rune] Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone, [Rune] Ancient Transformation Contract, Legendary Daevanion Skill Chest.

The PvP Treasure Hunt

You have a set chance to receive a [Jakunerk] Gold Key from boss monsters or chests in the following PvP Instances:

  • Ashunatal Dredgion: First Mate Angira, Menehune
  • Runatorium
  • Arena of Discipline
  • Arena of Cooperation

These keys will let you open the Premium Treasure Chest, which appears in various locations all over Lakrum. After opening it will disappear and then reappear again after a set amount of time.

The PvE Treasure Hunt

You have a set chance to receive a [Jakunerk] Copper Key from boss monsters or chests in the following PvE Instances:

  • Mirash Refuge: Mirash Refuge Treasure Chest, Kirshka's Treasure Chest
  • Garden of Knowledge: All-Seeing Eye, Fallen Water Jotun and Piton
  • Narakkalli: Simple Narakkalli Treasure Box
  • Holy Tower: Nergal
  • Prometun's Workshop: Yarkhan, Workshop Treasure Chest, Tarukkan, Raging Prigga
  • Makarna of Bitterness: Hall of Judgment Treasure Chest, Beritra's Claw

These keys will let you open the Ordinary Treasure Chest that you can find in the Temple of Perpetual Wisdom and in the Everlasting Life Refuge in Lakrum.


You are guaranteed to receive a class C item. With a little luck you may even get an item from classes A, B or S.

A list of rewards can be found here.


The list of rewards contains the item ‘Whispering Lady's Hat (Appearance)’. This is no longer contained in the treasure chests and has therefore been crossed out. We will however be making it available for free in the AION Shop on 28th February, 2019.