Take back the treasure and be richly rewarded!

Running: 16/10 to 6/11

Dellishunerk and Harrishunerk are supposed to be guarding Trillonerk's Gold Vault. But lately they've been delving deeper and deeper into the art of transformation. Monsters saw a chance to exploit the situation and have stolen Trillonerk's treasure from the gold vault. The Shugos are now searching for brave Daevas to confront the monsters and retrieve Trillonerk's treasure.

Help the Shugos and be rewarded for your efforts with valuable items such as the [Rune] Selection Box of Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contracts (3 types), the Box: Hell Steed, the [Rune] Fire Dragon King's Weapons Chest and the [Rune] Daevanion Essence!

Here's how it works:

Two to three players enter Trillonerk's Gold Vault and transform into one of three Shugo Transformations. Players receive keys depending on how many points they get for defeating monsters that can then be exchanged for rewards. Players can purchase a special key for special rewards in the AION shop.

Enter Trillonerk's Gold Vault.

  • You can find the entrance to Trillonerk's Gold Vault in Lakrum in the Temple of Perpetual Wisdom and in the Everlasting Life Refuge.
  • Groups of 2 to 3 players can enter the gold vault 1x daily. Entry is reset daily at 9 AM.
  • You can get a Cool-Time Reset Scroll from the AION shop or from the Imperial Chest Bundle in this event.


You can select 1 of 3 Shugo transformations when you enter the gold vault: Lanzenerk, Artunerk or Merlinerk.
Each transformation comes with its own special abilities, so choose wisely!

The Keys

Grab as many points as you can – show those monsters no mercy! The more points you collect, the better your rank – the better your rank, the more Imperial Chest Keys you can grab.

RanksRank SRank ARank BRank CRank DRank F
Imperial Chest Key643200

Each Imperial Chest Key opens an Imperial Chest that contains an [Event] Bundle of Gold Coins.

The Big Imperial Chest

When fighting against the Pumpkin Kings in the instances listed below, you’ll come across special Imperial Chests. These are much bigger than the normal ones and can only be opened with the Indestructible Imperial Chest Key. They contain precious Imperial Chest Bundles!

You can purchase the Indestructible Imperial Chest Keys in the AION shop or when trading with the NPCs Dellishunerk and Harrishunerk

Pumpkin King Instances
Holy Tower
Hererim Mine
Makarna of Bitterness
Prometun's Workshop (normal)
Prometun's Workshop (difficult)

Stella Development Laboratory (easy)
Stella Development Laboratory (normal)

Exchange gold coins

You can exchange the [Event] Gold Coins from the Imperial Chest in the capital cities with the NPCs Dellishunerk (Elyos) and Harrishunerk (Asmodians) in return for valuable items.


You can find a list of rewards here.

Note: The event items will be removed from the game one week after the event finishes.