Receive Benefits When Fusing Contracts and Enchanting Items

Strengthen your hero and benefit from increased enchantment chances for Stigmas, Odians as well as runes and Daevanion skills in this event. Plus, fusing 3 or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts won’t result in your contract receiving a lower level!

Event timeframe: 16th November to 30th November


The enchantment chances for Stigmas are slightly increased during the event. At level 9 the chance increases from 30% to 35%. At levels 10 to 12 the chance increases from 20% to 35%.

Daevanion Skills

The enchantment chances for Daevanion skills are increased when you use different Skill Books to enchant the skills: from 20% to 30%.

Odians and Runes

The enchantment chances for Odians and runes from level 5 are also slightly increased.


If you combine 3 or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts during the event, the fusion can’t fail. So the transformation can’t revert to a lower level, and you’re guaranteed at least a contract of the level Legendary or Ancient.

The chance of a fusion of only 2 Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts failing is decreased during this event.