Feed your event pet and receive exclusive rewards

Daevas all over Atreia come together during this period to enjoy the festivities of the ‘Celentine Days’. This festival is a combination of Valentine’s Day and the lunar new year. The capital cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium are decked out with colourful decorations and lots of people have been eagerly anticipating this marvellous atmosphere for weeks now.

Pets are playing a massive role here this year – that’s why Daevas will be surprised with fitting gifts and can look forward to various rewards. Grab items such as [Extra] Transformation Contract: Mouse Ranger, [Event] Divine Perfection Wardrobe, [Event] ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings and lots more!

Running: 9th February to 2nd March

Event Activities

The festive order during the Celentine Days is very simple:

  • Complete Celentine quests and earn yourself a new costume and wings.
  • Feed your Celentine pet and get rewards for it.
  • Pick up free buffs in the capital cities.

The Celentine Quests

Event NPC Celentina can be found in the capital cities and has two quests for you:

The quest ‘Collect Pieces of Silk’ requires you to collect 30 Pieces of Silk, and in return you’ll be rewarded with the Divine Perfection Wardrobe and the ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings.

The quest ‘Happy Celentine’ rewards you with an Antipaari Egg (21 days) so you don’t have to spend the festival alone.

The Celentine Pet

Feed your pet:

The Antipaari Egg can be hatched with the Pet Summoner. It then stays by your side for 21 days.

When you’re hunting for monsters, you can collect the event items Cute Cacao and Tteok Powder for your pet. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll receive a Choco Tteok.

It takes a little time to feed the Antipaari pet because these pets are big eaters: Antipaari pets can get full when they eat between 90 and 110 Cute Cacao and Tteok Powder. The number of meals can vary depending on the situation. Pets who are full won’t eat any more. They start getting hungry again roughly 2 hours after receiving the last gift.

Here’s how you get the food:

  • Pet food can be obtained from monsters in all territories and instances apart from Poeta and Ishalgen.
  • Monsters that normally don’t drop items also won’t drop pet food for you. The chance of a drop is lower for monsters who are a much higher level than you. If the level difference is too big, these monsters won’t drop any food at all.
  • If you’re playing with others and you get food by defeating several monsters, you’ll get the loot if yours was the biggest contribution to the victory.
  • If you’re playing in a group or alliance, each player receives the food according to the loot settings.

Free buffs

The free buffs can be picked up at the big square in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. They each last 30 minutes and remain after death.

Generous Heart → increases the amount of natural HP regeneration by 32 points and the amount of natural MP regeneration by 43 points.

Heart Fairy→ here you can choose between two buffs:

  • Sweet Chocolate increases your HP by 900, crit hit by 450 and MP by 630 points.
  • Hot Rice Cake Soup increases your HP by 900, crit hit by 450 and MP by 630 points.


You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

Note: the items [Event] Cute Cacao, [Event] Tteok Powder, [Event] Choco Tteok, [Event] Piece of Silk, [Event] Antipaari Egg (21 days) and Antipaari Gift will be removed from the game after the event is over.