Complete three different game areas and earn rewards

The filthy rich Black Cloud Merchant Jakunerk is putting on a game for the Daevas where they have to show what they’ve got. Naturally, he named the game after himself: welcome to the Jakunerk Game!

Up to 48 Daevas can take part in this nerve-racking game. They have to transform into a Shugo and master three game areas – and they’ve got just 10 whole minutes to do it! You can earn items like the [Event] Improved Experience Crystal, [Event] Nabaru’s Giant Fruit, [Event] Magnificent Skull Mask and lots more!

Running: 16th March to 30th March

The Game Calendar

The Jakunerk Game only takes place on certain days and you need the [Event] Jakunerk Game Ticket to take part:
1st game day: 18/3 from 8 PM to 10 PM
2nd game day: 19/3 from 4 PM to 6 PM
3rd game day: 25/3 from 8 PM to 10 PM
4th game day: 26/3 from 4 PM to 6 PM


The game administrators Kanurerk and Karunerk will help you take part: you can also only get the [Event] Jakunerk Game Ticket at certain times. You can get a total of 10 tickets from the in-game survey:

You can get 5 tickets between 18th March (7 PM) and 19th March (9:59 PM). You can get another 5 tickets between 25th March (7 PM) and 26th March (9:59 PM). You can also buy additional tickets from Kanurerk for 1,000,000 Kinah (taxes not included).

As the start of the game draws near, you’ll be shown a message here if you’re in Inggison or Gelkmaros. The entrance to the game area is also located here.

Collect Jakunerk Insignias

You can get a quest from Karunerk if you bring him 5x [Event] Jakunerk Insignia. Among other things, the insignias are also issued as a reward for the Jakunerk Game. In order to complete the quest you receiver 1 of 6 Skull Masks – including the Magnificent Skull Mask! You can repeat the quest to grab all 6 masks!

The Game Begins!

Once you’ve activated the Jakunerk Game Entrance, you’ll be teleported to the waiting area. From here, you can access the game area. The entry to the waiting area is closed after a certain amount of time so the game can begin. The game area consists of three sections; you must master all of them to receive your reward.

  • Section 1 ‘Chain Rope’: Balance on the rope and try not to look down!
  • Section 2 ‘Invisible Path’: Follow the Pathfinder Qooqoo – only he can show you the way.
  • Section 3 ‘Moving Platforms’: Try to predict the movements of the platforms to reach the target.
  • Extra section: Complete this area to receive the [Event] Bravest Reward too. It contains 1x [Event] Little Jakunerk Reward Bundle and 1x [Event] Jakunerk Game Ticket.

If you die in one of the sections, you’ll wake up back in the waiting area. From here you can try again or leave the game area.


Once you’ve successfully completed all of the sections (not including the extra section), you can enter the reward room. This room contains 48 Jakunerk Boxes of different levels that are only available to a limited number of players. The players who finish first will have the most to choose from:

  • The Large Jakunerk Box is only available for 1 player. It contains 10x [Event] Improved Experience Crystal, 5x [Event] Nabaru’s Giant Fruit, 50x [Event] Transparency Transformation Scroll and 5x [Event] Lodas’ Greater Golden Star.
  • The Good Jakunerk Box is available for 3 players. It contains 5x [Event] Improved Experience Crystal, 3x [Event] Nabaru’s Giant Fruit and 100x Transformation Scroll.
  • The Normal Jakunerk Box is available for 6 players. It contains 3x [Event] Improved Experience Crystal and 1x [Event] Nabaru’s Giant Fruit.
  • The Small Jakunerk Box is available for 38 players. It contains 1x [Event] Improved Experience Crystal.

Each of these boxes also contains 1x [Event] Jakunerk Insignia. You need 5 of these for the collection quest mentioned above.

Note: the items [Event] Jakunerk Game Ticket, [Event] Jakunerk Insignia, [Event] Bravest Reward and [Event] Little Jakunerk Reward Bundle will be removed from the game after the event is over.