Dominate the Battlefield Aphsaranta With Your New Hero!

Thrilling battles are waiting for you in Aphsaranta! However, you can only enter Aphsaranta from level 81 onwards... Not got that far yet? No problem, a real Daeva doesn’t let that stop them! Just create a fully equipped level 80 hero and nothing will stand in your way of conquering Aphsaranta!

Your Sprint Character

Running: 29th September to 19th October

Get additional benefits from your daily login during this event by creating a fully equipped level 80 hero and starting your Aphsaranta adventure!

Here’s how you get your level 80 hero: in the character creation section of the game you just have to click on the ‘Sprint Character’ button to create a new hero character who is already level 80. This is only possible during the event period and you can only create one sprint character per account. If this character is deleted, it can’t be restored. Please also note that you can only create a hero if you have not already exceeded your maximum number of characters.

Fully equipped: To make sure you can get started with you new hero straight away, you’ll get Urlisiel’s equipment, Yasba’s Grace, a few Kinah and some other items. Your sprint character will automatically receive [Helper] +9 Stigmas matching their class, which can also be mixed with normal Stigmas. In addition, equipping Stigmas only costs 1 Kinah during the event period!