The Moon Festival

Save the festival and be rewarded with fantastic items!

Save the Moon Festival from 13/11 to 4/12 and earn yourself some valuable items. You can look forward to getting your hands on rewards such as the [Event] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone, the Special Wonderland Dress, and the Moon Rabbit Costume!

The Moon Festival is a tradition that brings the whole family together. Lively discussions, fun games, and full bellies are the order of the day for this celebration.

But this year lots of Daevas are late getting ready for the festival because of how hard they've been working for the Stella Corporation. Plus, there are lots of sons and daughters who can't return to their families because they're still bogged down in battles.

So it's up to you to save the Moon Festival! One particular family will need your help to gather all the ingredients they need to make a Moon Cake Dish. Talk to the father and son to receive a daily quest. Once that's complete, hand over the Moon Cake Dish to the mother for a reward – [Jakunerk] Ring's Kindness.

You don't know how to bake? Don't worry – here's the recipe for a tasty Moon Cake Dish:

  • [Jakunerk] Steamed Rice
  • [Jakunerk] Red Beans
  • [Jakunerk] Grain
  • [Jakunerk] Minced Meat
  • [Jakunerk] Moon Cake Batter

Get some Moon Cake Batter from logging in (limited to 1x every 30 min, max 20 per day, from level 75). You can get the other ingredients as a reward for completing quests and defeating bosses.


[Jakunerk] Ring's Kindness
1x Box: Tetragon Hopper
1x [Event] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone
1x [Event] Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone
1x [Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone
1x [Event] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone
1x [Rune] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types)
1x [Rune] Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)
1x [Rune] Autumn Harvest Transformation Contract (65 types)
1x Special Wonderland Dress
1x Special Wonderland Headwear
1x Wonderland Waistcoat
1x Wonderland Gloves
1x Wonderland Shoes
1x Moon Rabbit Ears
1x Moon Rabbit Costume
3x [Jakunerk] Chest of Moon Rabbit Kisks
1x Bundle of Aether Jam (10x)
1x Bundle of Mysterious Aether Jam
1x Transformation Scroll (10x)
1x Transparent Transformation Scroll (10x)

Please note: All event items will be removed from the game one week after the event finishes.