Collect Moonflower Petals, Pass the Hero Trials and Earn Rewards!

During the last full moon night, mysterious moonflowers grew all over Atreia. The Daevas are very interested in collecting these flowers since they grant them decisive advantages!

Join the Daevas on the hunt for moonflowers and grab items such as the +10 Extreme Weapons Box, the Cacklemoon Wings, the Ancient Polishing Stone and many more!

Running: 11th of January to 08th of February

Get Your Hands on the Moonflower

The moonflower contains 1 of 3 random petals: [Event] Blue Moonflower Petal, [Event] Violet Moonflower Petal, or [Event] Yellow Moonflower Petal. Each petal has a reward in store for you.

More Mysterious Moonflowers are also available in the AION Shop or you can get it by hunting Moonflower monsters in Inggison, Gelkmaros and Dumaha.

The Moonflower monsters in these regions can drop [Event] Moonflower Pollen every day between 8:00 pm and 11:59 pm. Assembling 10 Moonflower Pollen will give you 1 Mysterious Moonflower.

During the new moon phase (20.01.2023 bis 23.01.2023) the timeframe in which you can obtain the pollen will be extended. They can drop from 7 pm until 2:59 am. It's is worth going monster hunting at that time as the chance to get pollen is slightly increased. Additionnaly, monsters can also directly dricetly drop the [Event] Mysterious Moonflower!

Boost Your Strength With the Power of Moonflowers

You can get the [Event] Moonflower Berry from Blue and Violet Moonflower Petals. This small, inconspicuous berry holds within the mysterious power of the moonflower. Keep each one of them safe in order to complete all 6 ‘Power of Moonflower’ event collections. The collections (11.01.2023 bis 01.03.2023) grant you various useful boosts.


You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

Note: The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: [Event] Mysterious Moonflower, [Event] Blue Moonflower Petal, [Event] Violet Moonflower Petal, [Event] Yellow Moonflower Petal, [Event] Moonflower Pollen, and [Event] Moonflower Berry.