Go hunt, Daeva!

The PvP event from 14/12 to 28/12

Your heartbeat accelerates, you feel the blood rushing through your veins. The Daeva in front of you on the battlefield is just like you, except for one thing: they are on the wrong side. Your grip tightens around your weapon and you prepare to give your all in the decisive battle. Suddenly you sense someone's breath on your neck – the hunter has now become the hunted...

Show your mettle in PvP from 14/12 to 28/12 and get as many kills as you can without falling victim to your enemies. The more wins you get, the bigger your reward.
There's also an additional reward for the best of the best: if you manage to rise to the top of the rankings and log the most wins, you'll earn even more valuable items – including a Water Dragon Weapon Box.

Good hunting, Daeva!

Kill Rewards
Main Prize
Event Rankings
Deciding the Winners


Event period: 14/12 to 28/12/2016
Minimum level: 65
Earn rewards based on the amount of your PvP kills.
The best fighters also receive special rewards.


In this PvP event, every Daeva that reaches a certain amount of kills during the event period will be rewarded with useful items.
Additionally we want to determine the best PvP battlers for each class. We will be rewarding 176 players (one per class, server and faction) with particularly valuable items for getting the highest kill count within the event period (compared to all other players in their class).

To win, all you need to do is get the most PvP kills in the event period. Please note the following however:

  • Your character has to be at least level 65.
  • Only direct kills count, assisting a kill will not.
  • Each kill of the same player only counts once per hour. So if you keep picking the same targets, you will no longer be rewarded with points.
  • The kills only count if they are in Akaron, in the Abyss and in the Silentera Canyon at particular time periods.

Here's the schedule:
14/12 to 18/12: Silentera Canyon
19/12 to 22/12: Abyss
23/12 to 28/12: Akaron

Kill Rewards

According to the amount of kills that you reach, you will get different rewards. The following applies: the higher your count, the more valuable the items! These will then be sent to you using the Shugo Messenger (delivery times may vary).

The following rewards are up for grabs:

Main Prize

If you manage to attain best Daeva in your class, your faction and on your server, you will receive the following rewards:

Event Rankings

To ensure that you have a better overview of how you are doing compared to others, we have put an event ranking table online. Alongside your own position, you can see how others are doing – provided you are in the top 100 for your class, faction and on your server.

View the rankings.


  • The rankings will only be updated every half an hour.
  • Only the top 100 per class, per faction and per server will be displayed.
  • The rankings will remain online until the 18/1/2017.

Deciding the Winners

The review for the main prize will take place at the end of the event. The winners will be announced by us and will get their items and the title directly in game. The weapon can be chosen from the Water Dragon King's Noble Weapon Box.

You can read more in the FAQ.