Battle through the Instance, Defeat the Boss and Earn Rewards

Prove that you’ve got the tactical skills and fight your way through the Rift of Oblivion. Use the power of nature to clear your path all the way to the end boss. If you leave the battle victoriously, you can expect fantastic rewards like the [Rune] Transformation Contract: Marchutan, the [Event] ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings and the Combat Experience Extractor.

Running: 11th August to 1st September

Enter the Rift

The entrance to the instance is located in the fortresses in Gelkmaros and Inggison. You can enter the Rift of Oblivion once per day – additional entries will cost a little Luna.

Defeat the Shadow of Oblivion

Fight your way through the instance and defeat the final enemy: the Shadow of Oblivion! Your rank depends on the number of points you score and how much time is left. The better your rank, the higher your reward will be:

  • 21,200 points and 18 minutes left → 4x Sealed Memory Bundle
  • 17,700 points and 16 minutes left → 3x Sealed Memory Bundle
  • 14,100 points and 10 minutes left → 2x Sealed Memory Bundle
  • 9,400 points and 1 minute left → 1x Sealed Memory Bundle

Instance Tips

Take our tips to heart and you’ll complete the Rift of Oblivion with flying colours:

  • There are three Teleport Stones along the way through the instance which are activated when you approach them. If you fail and die, you can continue from the last Teleport Stone you activated.
  • Recovering Drakan can be found throughout the instance. After you defeat one, there’s a chance that a Drakan will reappear which can score you a lot of points.
  • The three Commander Gegares you’ll come across in the rift grant you massive amounts of experience, but they don’t earn you any points. So pick the right moment to fight them.
  • The Shadow of Oblivion transforms when its health is low. Adapt quickly or it will win the upper hand.

Some monsters are of a special type which is weak against a certain Old High Daeva:
The Incarnation of Fire is strong against magical type monsters.
The Incarnation of Water is strong against special monsters.
The Incarnation of Earth is strong against Assassin Monsters.
The Incarnation of Wind is strong against Warrior Monsters.


You can find an overview of all rewards in our list of rewards.

Please note: The items [Event] Sealed Memory Bundle and [Event] Wings of Oblivion Fragment will be removed from the game after the event is over.