Win valuable items now with the Black Cloud Merchants!

The Black Cloud Merchants are again running their popular Shugo Game in which you can win valuable prizes – including items like the Lord’s Transformation Contract (2 types), the Flying Saucer and the [Emotion Card] Selfie.

Running: 4th August to 25th August

To take part, you will need Shugo Game Tokens, which you can purchase in the shop at the beginning of the event. During the event period you will also receive three Shugo Game Tokens per week for free in the AION Shop.

How the Shugo Game Works

  • Open the Shugo Game by clicking on the Shugo symbol at the bottom-right side of the screen.
  • Then, by clicking on ‘Continue’, the game will start and a Shugo Game Token will be used up.
  • Try to upgrade the weapon to the maximum level (8) to then earn reward of the highest level.
  • Naturally you can click on ‘Stop’ at any time to end the game and collect the reward for the level that you have attained.
  • The upgrading can also fail. Should this happen, you will receive the reward for level 1. If you wish to start from the beginning, you will need another Shugo Game Token.
  • By using Shugo Game Tokens, the upper bar fills with Shugo Game Points. Once it is full, the Nyerk Fever begins. As long as this is active, your chances of successfully upgrading increase and it is more likely that you will win more valuable prizes.


  • On 25th August, the [Jakunerk] Shugo Game Tokens and Lucky Coins will be removed from the AION Shop, but the Shugo Game will continue until 1st September, giving you more time to consume the items you’ve purchased.
  • You will automatically be given the prize for the level that you got to if you log out or switch to a different character while participating in the Shugo Game. The game cannot be continued.
  • If you reach level 6 or higher and the upgrade fails, you will be able to use two additional Shugo Game Tokens to try again from the level that you failed at.