Collect snowflakes, upgrade them and earn fabulous rewards!

A new year is here and the Daevas greet it with mysterious snowflakes: the landscape and cities of Atreia are covered in beautiful white and silver! Join in, collect the snowflakes and upgrade them. Snowflakes aren’t merely frozen water – they’re true gifts from the heavens and can earn you valuable items like the New Year Wings, the [Event] Extreme Equipment Selection Box and the [Rune] Legendary New Year’s Transformation Contract (13 types).

The event runs from 19/1/2022 to 9/2/2022.

Collect Snowflakes

Complete Lugbug Missions, defeat bosses in instances and exchange Winter Coins to get your hands on the prized snowflakes. You can also buy extra snowflakes in the AION Shop.

Lugbug Missions

You earn snowflakes by completing daily Lugbug Missions.

Winter Coins

You receive Winter Coins from failed upgrades of snowflakes. Visit the NPC Gerda in the capital cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium to get new snowflakes in exchange for coins.

Boss Monsters

Defeat monster in the following instances and each group member will receive a snowflake:

  • Lower Udas Temple
  • Prometun’s Workshop (normal/difficult)
  • Makarna of Bitterness (difficult)
  • Stella Development Laboratory (easy/normal)
  • Beninerk’s Manor (easy/normal)
  • Ara Infernalia (easy/normal)
  • Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy/normal)
  • Heart of Aphsaranta


You can get extra snowflakes from the various bundles on offer in the AION Shop. You can also get the items [Jakunerk] Aura Fragment and [Jakunerk] Snow Crystal here, which you’ll need to craft the [Jakunerk] Prism.

Upgrading snowflakes

To upgrade the snowflakes, double-click them and they’ll either gain a level or be destroyed. A successful upgrade from level 1 to 7 gives you an extra snowflake. From level 4 to 9 you might also get a Snow Crystal as a bonus. If you succeed at an upgrade from level 9 to 10, you’ll get the items [Jakunerk] Aura Fragment and [Jakunerk] Snow Crystal, which let you craft the [Jakunerk] Prism that contains lots of valuable items.

A failed upgrade from level 1 to 7 will give you a Winter Coin. If an upgrade from level 7 to 8 fails, you’ll receive the [Jakunerk] Bundle of Opportunity, from level 8 to 9 will give you the [Jakunerk] Bundle of Missed Opportunity and failed attempts from level 9 to 10 earn you the [Jakunerk] Bundle of Promising Opportunity.


You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our Reward List.

Note: The items Winter Coin, +1 to +10 Snowflake, [Jakunerk] Bundle of Opportunity, [Jakunerk] Bundle of Missed Opportunity, {Jakunerk] Bundle of Promising Opportunity, [Jakunerk] Aura Fragment, [Jakunerk] Snow Crystal and [Jakunerk] Prism will be removed from the game at the end of the event.